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Elf Yourself

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I have done this before, but this year they have added some new features. The kids totally love it. You can’t help but chuckle over it! So enjoy!

Happy Birthday Nick


So this post is especially for you brother Nick. I hope you have a great day today. Wish we could spend it with you.  Here is a special message just for you. Grace and Micah find this very hilarious! Happy Birthday Bro!!!



What a outfit!

Happy Birthday Dad



Since we were not able to

spend your birthday with you, being

that you were out of town, here are a

few video messages for you!

Micah singing happy birthday!


Grace saying Hello.


I finally got my videos working again so here is a really cute video of Grace when she was a baby. I thought I would share it with you.

Moms Jeans

My friend posted this on my My Space. It is so funny!!


Micha’s Birthday hike

Here we are in Dinky for Micah’s 3’rd birthday. He loves the mountains, where Grace is more…to her mom’s tastes(Target).

Day of the Dirt

We took the fam up and played on the dirtbikes. Grace was a little less afraid than Micah of the bikes I think.

Micah showing his daddy some love