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Remember You Friendship by Grace Temple

Remember Your Friendship

Once in a beautiful lovely forest there was a graceful shy deer. It was walking slowly to look for some food. As the deer was quickly searching, she saw a huge ugly bear stuck in a bear trap. She looked down and saw his foot bleeding in pain. The deer was about to run away, but she saw that the bear looked hurt. The deer felt sad to leave it all alone. “You look under the weather” said the deer. “You are right, I am very hurt” moaned the bear. So the deer helped the bear get out by unhooking the trap carefully.  The injured bear limped away and thanked the deer for helping him out of the trap.

Later in the spring, the deer got in trouble with a mean hunter.  The hunter was about to shoot the deer, when all of a sudden the bear came out of nowhere and attacked the hunter and killed him. “Thank you so much!” the dear exclaimed. “You’re welcome” said the bear. “ Why did you help me?” said the confused deer. “Because you helped me out of the trap” said the bear. You should always help somebody and they might sometimes help you.  The deer will always remember the bear’s friendship.