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Workshop Part 1

In all the busyness of life  it is nice when you get the chance to learn new things,  and just take pictures for the fun of it.  I am a part of a group called Sharing The Light  we had a workshop this last weekend, and here are some of the photos that were taken that day.  All of our models were so great and easy to work with.  I will posting the rest of my work from that day in the weeks to come.



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Valentines Mini Shoot Part II

So here are more fun pictures from the Valentines Mini shoot last month. Once again my family is getting roped into all my business ventures:)  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, happy Friday!!

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Spring Mini Photo Shoot

Hello everyone.  Temple Photography as well as Deeply Rooted Photograhy  will be hosting another mini photo shoot Sunday April 1st  running from 4pm-6:30pm.  The shoot will be held at Woodward ParkSpring Logo 1

You bought cute Easter outfits, now it’s time to make sure you get pictures to remember them by!! So often we hustle and bustle on Easter morning to get the perfect family picture. Here’s another idea: dress up before Easter Sunday and take pictures!
For $70 you will receive a 15-20 minute session with cute spring props and backgrounds – plus a free gift!
Includes a CD of at least 8 high resolution images with full copyright privileges, available BEFORE Easter!
Individuals, couples, families and children are all welcome!
Time slots are limited, so book your session today!
Call Naomi at: 559.281.0399 (Deeply Rooted Photography)
Call Michelle at: 559.352.7008 (Temple Photography)
email: or

Please email the following information:
Type of sitting: (individual, couple, family, or children?)
Number of people:
Age of people:
Phone Number:

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Valentines Shoot Part 1

I teamed up with a fellow photographer friend of mine at Deeply Rooted Photography.  This February we hosted a Valentines Day Photo Shoot.  It was a ton of fun, so here are some of the pictures from that day!! More to come from this photo session. This guy was such a cutie!!


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Portale Family

Well believe it or not I am still trying to get caught up on posts from last year! Yikes I know I am behind.  Anyway here is the Portale family looking great.  Thanks so much to you and your parents for opening up your amazing home to us to take pictures that day.  We did a group shoot that day with three families and I am thank full we pulled it off!!

Family 4

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Taylor’s First Birthday

For the Wyatt family, they have had their hands full with two birthdays within a week.  K’s ballerina party was so sweet and T’s party was just as lovely. You go girl for pulling off  two awesome parties like that.  The weather was so beautiful that day, sunny and warm. A perfect day for a party.   Auntie made the beautiful desserts and cake. Great job Christa.                           Happy Birthday Taylor!!


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 Taylor 1                                                      Not so sure about this whole cake thing…but never the less going for it!!

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Magic Muffins

It has been a long while since I have posted a recipe on my blog.  I have been making these muffins a lot lately. My kids love them, and that is always a bonus to get my kids eating healthy stuff.  My friends have been asking for the recipe for the last month.  Sorry it took so long!!  The recipe started out from the Malto Meal box.  I then just substituted out and added in things that best suited our way of eating to make it healthier.  If you are gluten free you can always use rice flour instead of wheat.  We have a juicer so I just save some of  the pulp in a container in the fridge, so I have it on had when I make my muffins.  You don’t have to, but it is a great way to add in veggies and your kids won’t know  the difference. 

Magic Muffins


Magic Muffins

1 ¼ cups whole wheat flour

¾ cup Malt-o-Meal (or just add more flour)

½ cup brown sugar (or substitute honey)

¾ cup rice or soy milk

½ cup grated carrots or zucchini (or pulp form your juicer)

1-2 ripe bananas

¼ cup canola oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 egg

1 tablespoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Mix ingredients until well combined.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cook 16-18min.

Makes 12 muffins


Ballet Birthday

Grace was beyond thrilled to attend a ballet birthday party for her dear friend Kennedy today.  The girls were invited for a ballet lesson at her dance studio, and then enjoyed frozen yogurt, and cupcakes after there lesson.  Great idea Sarah!        Grace had such a fun time.  Happy 5th Birthday Kennedy.


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                                                                           Grace and Kennedy enjoying their new BFF necklace.

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Russel Family

This is another great family I got to capture this last year. Veronica is a dear friend and has a great family.  You all were so chill and easy!!  Lukas the oldest was so into his pictures, he was eager to do all the poses I needed.  That boy was so handsome in his jacket that day.  Beautiful Family!!

Family 3 

Girls 1

Veronica and Pat 3

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Sherrell Family

It was so fun to photograph the Sherrell family.  Their girls were so cute and did such a great job posing for me. What a good looking family!!  You all were so easy!! 





Brooke 3


Family 5