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Noah’s 4th Birthday

Noah celebrated his 4th birthday with his buddies at Story Land this year. It was lots of fun, and I think the birthday boy was pleased!  Noah you are so special and sweet, we love you.  Happy Birthday!!






Discovery Kids

Our new year of Discovery Kids started last week.  We have some new students joining us this year, which I are so grateful to have.  We have a lot of new little ones, and they are so cute!! Looking forward to another great year!

Group Shot

 Panda 2 Panda 1Panda 3

                                                                                                                Panda Group

Tiger 2 Tiger 3 Tiger 1

                                                                                                             Tiger Group

DK Goes Into The Wild

This is actually an old post I am just now getting around to.  This unit was all on wild animals and as you can see the highlight was this elephant costume my mom had which was huge fun for the kids.  We also made these dioramas of Africa with some real pictures from Africa, courtesy of the Workmans.



IMG_3570 IMG_3567





DK Goes Irish

No only did we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but we learned a lot about Ireland this week.  My mom did a great job making the kids cultured in all things Irish.   We had lots of green fun that day.  Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day everyone.



I would like to point out the Jacob on the left is taking his picture as he quoted

“like a dude”.  Alright then! Max you are going to have to work with him so more I think:)






DK Valentines Party

Today we had our Valentines Party with a special guest Miss Taylor.  It was so great to have them come. I was so glad to finally see her and catch up with Sarah. It was a great day of yummy food, friends, and Valentines! Thanks Katie for hosting us!


food cupcakes girls IMG_3417 copy


Last but not least the group shot!!


DK On Veggies

This week at Discovery kids we covered Vegetables.  The highlight of the morning was actually getting to make vegetable soup.  Sara you did a great job, the kids had a blast!


Some of the books that were read during class.  We also did a sampling of vegetables, and did a potato hunt, the kids all really got into it.

IMG_3312 copy

Veggie Paint Stamping

cooking 2

cooking 1

All the kids got to eat the soup for lunch, they as well as the Mamas were very proud.

IMG_3314 copy

 IMG_3313 copy Some of our tiny Chefs



Happy Birthday Kennedy

Today at Discovery kids we ended our day with a “Tangled” birthday party for Kennedy.  These kids were so excited for cupcakes it was crazy! They could hardly wait to finish class to get to the party.  Happy Birthday Kennedy we love you!!!





I don’t blame you Ben, those girls hair bows are quite shocking and large!



March of the Penguins

I really have not blogged on Discovery Kids lately. There are some weeks that I just don’t have the time to snap pictures.  However,  I could not resist this weeks Penguin theme to take pictures.  My mom was our lead teacher this week and did a great job on our topic.  If you can believe it, she had these old penguin costumes from my brothers old days in Discovery Kids.  My mom by the way really missed her calling as a costume designer! She is quite brilliant and resourceful when it comes to costumes.  I guess you would have to be when you have six kids to outfit for Halloween.

That morning we had lots of great books on Penguins, and we watched pieces of the March of the Penguins documentary.  ‘We also played a few games,  one of which was Penguin, Penguin, Petrel, this being our “penguin” version of Duck, Duck, Goose. 

We are missing a couple penguins in this picture. One was out sick, and one was well…being un corporative:) Good job penguins!

IMG_3164 copy

IMG_3165 copy


Hillcrest Pumpkin Patch

Today we took a tour of the Hilcrest Pumpkin Patch in Reedley.  The highlight was definitely the hay ride. Micah said he wanted to ride all day!!  The kids were so excited to get pumpkins, Micah and Grace spent some time coloring them when they got home.   The weather was a bit to hot, but all and all it was a good time. If you have never been, it is worth the trip out! Hillcrest


IMG_7311 copy  IMG_7324 copy

IMG_7335 copy

IMG_7253 copy 3 





The Nest Unit

So this year my mom is helping us out a couple times a month with Discovery Kids (Its official I am calling it that).  She had her first day as lead teacher this week and did such a great job!! Our morning was all about the Letter “N” and “The Nest.” I think the kids had a really fun day! Thanks teaching Nana.



These were the edible nests they got to take home.  Chow Mien and Chocolate, with jelly bean eggs! There were really good!!


Teacher Nana taught the kids how to make birds.  The older boys actually drew the bird by hand, but the girls used shape cut outs to make their bird. This was so great, because it was not only fun to make the bird, but they got to go over their shapes as well.


IMG_7053 copy

All the kids go to make nests out of Playdough. We used a salt based Playdough so it would dry after.  Clay would have been easier to work with, but whole made Playdough is much easier on the budget, so we just went with it.  After the nest was formed, we had lots of various nesting material they used to stick in their nest.  Lastly they rolled eggs out of blue Playdough for the finishing touch.  So Cute!!


51ErOYP8iLL farmershat

Here were some of the books we read that day.



IMG_7037 copy IMG_7036 copy

We all stayed after for special birthday lunch for Micah since it was his big day!