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Another Year

I was happy when I found out we would have all the kids back this year for school. We were thinking it would  just be Katie and I, and we would have to do some recruiting this year. I was thrilled when it worked out to have the old gang back again.  I love seeing these kids (and mommies) each week!  They are getting so big so fast, and I know this year is going to fly by once again. 

A couple weeks ago we took pictures for a special card for Miss Leslie. We are so happy she is feeling better. Leslie we are finishing up your card this week and it will be on its way to you soon. 

IMG_6931 copy

IMG_6970 copy IMG_6982 copy

IMG_6983 copy IMG_6975 copy

IMG_6966 copy IMG_6991 copy



Preschool Zoo Day

  Today was our last day of preschool. We celebrated by taking a trip to the Zoo.  The weather was great, and we had such a fun day! I am so sad we are done already.  It is good thing I see these girls all the time anyway!!  Katie thanks for lunch, it was such a nice treat!!  Ladies, thanks for making this year happen with me, I appreciate all your hard work!


   IMG_1084 copy

    IMG_1103 copy IMG_1101 copy

   IMG_1098 copy IMG_1109 copy

  IMG_1122 copy

   IMG_1126 copy

IMG_1137 copy

IMG_1116 copy



I love these kids!!

Fresh & Easy Tour


Today we started our morning off at Fresh & Easy with our preschool for a tour.  The kids were all dressed in their St. Patrick’s best, which actually matched great with the whole Fresh & Easy decor!


The sample station. The highlight of course! You would of thought they were starving!!




IMG_1596 IMG_1580

The poor clerk, trying to check us out with the kids “help.”


The kids not to thrilled about getting their picture taken, so we moved on!