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Misha Flowers

I appreciate all of my Misha fans asking about my flowers this summer.  My schedule lately has not allowed me to spend much time on them. I hoping to maybe do a show in the fall, but we will see.  I just went through my inventory and tried to organize a bit this last weekend.  Here are the flowers that I have in stock right now.  I can not always order more, and most of these I only have one in stock, so if you are interested let me know ASAP so I can pull it aside for you.


Clips $5.00

Newborn/Infant Elastic Headbands $8.00

Hard Headbands $10.00

(product # 3, 4, 12, and 14 can not be put on hard headbands because of their small size)

Please just specify the product number and what type you would like when you message me.   Thanks!!

  2 3 4 13

 6 7 8  14


9 10 11 12

1 5



Sadie Lynn

A couple months ago I had the privilege of photographing baby Sadie.  She was absolutely perfect during the shoot.  This was the first time I had seen this sweet girl, and I was glad I got to capture her darling face!  Congratulations Chris and Mandie!  Ohh and thanks to Auntie Brie for being my super assistant that day.

IMG_9055 copy

IMG_9037 copy

pp 1 copy 2




IMG_9249 copy



Sadie Banner

Reagan, Milo, & Lucy



Mimi needed some new photos for her wall, so it was photo shoot time for these three!

 IMG_2842 copy IMG_2841 copyIMG_2845 copy

IMG_2814 copy IMG_2818 copy


fixed 2



Misha Event

  Here are some pictures from my Misha Event at the Tasting Room.  Thanks Brie for your help that night.  Also Ashley thanks for hanging out with us and for all the great laughs! My favorite part was when someone asked if they were garders (looking at my smaller headbands), that was a first for me.   She did feel pretty dumb when I told here they were baby headbands. 

Check out the Tasting Room sometime on Palm and Nees.  The cool part is you can have food delivered from the surrounding restaurants in the complex while you have your wine.  We had Thai Palms while we were there, and it was awesome!



     IMG_0515   IMG_0516



My Sweet Nieces!

I finally upgraded my camera! So no better way then to test it out on these sweet angels!


IMG_0110   IMG_0117


Sweet Ruby (1 week old)








Lucy ( 4 months old)

My Sweet Karis

I miss this little girl so much. I can’t wait to see her in May!



My Model

Gracie did a good job for me today, modeling my stuff!

Gracie 1

gracie 2

Open House Success!

Thank you so much for all of you that came and supported me, I really appreciate it!  Katie, Rhonda, and Sheree the cookies were so delicious!! Sarah thank you for opening up your home, and hosting the event for me.  Mom I appreciate all your help that night, and for sewing all that you did for me!



IMG_1295 IMG_1296

IMG_1299 IMG_1298

IMG_1297 IMG_1300


IMG_1316 IMG_1318

IMG_1307 IMG_1317

Misha Open House

I am so excited to launch my new hair accessories.  I thought I better post some pics and get you all excited about some of the things I will have there that night.  If you are unable to make it feel free to check out my Etsy Store  I don’t have a lot listed right now, because I have been trying to get everything ready for the launch. I will however be posting more items in the coming weeks.  I hope to see you all there! 

Open House5_edited-1 copy

headband 4  IMG_0821 

IMG_1228 IMG_1231 IMG_1233 IMG_1235

 IMG_1237 IMG_1239


 IMG_1038 IMG_1041 IMG_1048


 IMG_0879 IMG_0869 IMG_0862


IMG_1246 IMG_1247 IMG_1254

Sweet Lucy

Today Lucy posed for me, for my website. She was a perfect baby model!




Lucy Feb 1