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How to Plan a Party by Micah Temple



How To Plan a Party

If you are going to plan a party you should know these things. First, you need a good location. One idea is that it should be where your theme would fit. If you are having a sports party, you should have it in a place where there is a enough room to play. A huge room would be perfect for a dance party. You should have a water party if it’s going to be hot outside.

You should have fun activities, so your guests don’t get bored. Fun games, music, and prizes, would be great. You should have a schedule so know what to do first, second, and last. This is important, so you don’t do the same thing the whole time, and you party does not go on forever.

Snacks are important, so have tasty food and drinks. Soda, sparkling lemonade, and root beer are all yummy drinks.  Some good snacks are chips, crackers, and popcorn.  If you are planning a meal pizza, nachos, or hot dogs are great for parties. These are just some ideas you can use at your next party.

Mark’s Family

I have gotten to know the Marks family over the last couple of years and I love that I get to be apart of all their special memories.  Baby number two was on the way so I had the privilege of getting some sweet family shots of everyone as they look forward to baby Boston coming.

Web 2

Web 6




Web 11


Web 9

Deacon’s First Birthday

This last weekend we celebrated with my dear friends Katie and Darryn as they hosted a great party for their son Deacon.  Katie everything looked so great, and I am so glad to be a part of his special day.  Happy Birthday!!

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Cake 4

                                                                                              Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Taylor’s First Birthday

For the Wyatt family, they have had their hands full with two birthdays within a week.  K’s ballerina party was so sweet and T’s party was just as lovely. You go girl for pulling off  two awesome parties like that.  The weather was so beautiful that day, sunny and warm. A perfect day for a party.   Auntie made the beautiful desserts and cake. Great job Christa.                           Happy Birthday Taylor!!


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 Taylor 1                                                      Not so sure about this whole cake thing…but never the less going for it!!

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Blog 6 Blog 3 Blog 4 Blog 5                                                                                                                     Fun Favors

                                                                                               Blog 7 Blog 10 Blog 11                                                                                                      Some of her biggest fans.

Ballet Birthday

Grace was beyond thrilled to attend a ballet birthday party for her dear friend Kennedy today.  The girls were invited for a ballet lesson at her dance studio, and then enjoyed frozen yogurt, and cupcakes after there lesson.  Great idea Sarah!        Grace had such a fun time.  Happy 5th Birthday Kennedy.


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                                                                           Grace and Kennedy enjoying their new BFF necklace.

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Happy Birthday Lucy!

My niece Lucy turned 2 this month.  I actually had a little down time today before the rush of the Holidays started, so I wanted to make sure I posted these.   Great food, and fun that night!  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

Banner 1

Food Banner 1

Food Banner 2

Food Banner 3

On the menu that night was soup, grilled cheese, and yummy toppings.  Sorry there is no picture of the soup….probably because I was stuffing my face with this delicious food!

Banner 2

Banner 3

                                                        Note to self.  Two dozen balloons make tons of entertainment for all!!



                                                  What are they discussing? Who knows, but I am sure it is really important!!

Going Away Navy Style

Michael is a dear friend of our family, as well as brother-in-law to my brother.   His life is taking an exciting turn as he gets ready to leave for the Navy this next week.  His family threw a great going away party for him.  You all did a great job it looked awesome!!

Michael we are so excited for you as you start this new journey. Words can not express how grateful we are , that you are taking  up the call to defend this country.  It is bitter sweet to see you go.  We are proud and excited, and yet sad that it is now one of our own that is out there risking his life  for us.  I pray for God’s strength and protection on you.  My God Bless you on this new journey!


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                                                            Michael’s Grandparents who also served  this country.


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Happy Birthday Everly

I got to celebrate with on of my favorite families this last weekend.  Their sweet daughter Everly was turning five. I loved the rainbow theme. So fun!!  For food they had a taco truck come, and we all got to go up and order this awesome Mexican food.  Great idea!!  The desserts were so fun, and once again Megan out did herself.  Happy Birthday Everly!


5  6

                                     Desserts made with love from Mommy and Grandma at


3   Everly 5



4 1 1  9

                                                                                       A lot of fun with party hats that day!



Everly 11

                                                    I love her sweet face as everyone is singing Happy Birthday to her!!

Old McDonald Had A Farm


I had the privilege of  taking some pictures for a Farm Themed birthday party.  Their little boy was having his big 1st birthday.   This event was the real deal, outfitted with real tractors and everything!  There was so much cute detail throughout this party, it was a lot of fun to shoot.  Happy Birthday Mason!





                                                                                    Desserts by


4 5




Iris Turns Two

We were invited to an adorable vintage inspired birthday party this weekend.  Ashley did such a great job, and everything looked so sweet and lovely. Not only can Ashley throw a great party, but she is very crafty as well.  I going to plug Ashley for a minute because she has an Etsy store with awesome stuff for your home, so if you have not checked it out make sure you do at Ash At Home.   Iris you are darling and I hope you had a wonderful day.  Happy Birthday Iris.  



1                                                                 The desserts were done by the very talented Melanie Seielstad.


4                                                                                                The kids loving their cake pops.


5 6