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Portale Family

Well believe it or not I am still trying to get caught up on posts from last year! Yikes I know I am behind.  Anyway here is the Portale family looking great.  Thanks so much to you and your parents for opening up your amazing home to us to take pictures that day.  We did a group shoot that day with three families and I am thank full we pulled it off!!

Family 4

Kids 2

Luke 4  Samantha 6

Russel Family

This is another great family I got to capture this last year. Veronica is a dear friend and has a great family.  You all were so chill and easy!!  Lukas the oldest was so into his pictures, he was eager to do all the poses I needed.  That boy was so handsome in his jacket that day.  Beautiful Family!!

Family 3 

Girls 1

Veronica and Pat 3

Samuel 2   blog pic

Sherrell Family

It was so fun to photograph the Sherrell family.  Their girls were so cute and did such a great job posing for me. What a good looking family!!  You all were so easy!! 





Brooke 3


Family 5

Just For Fun

Naomi and I were on the hunt for a new photo location, of which was unsuccessful. We will continue our search for what we originally were looking for another day.  This didn’t of course discourage us from taking pictures along our walk any way as we continued to search. We both had new lenses we were experimenting with so it was what you call a testing day.    We had a total of five kids with us which made our journey quite entertaining.   The kids had fun running around and exploring. It was a beautiful day, as it has been this whole fall and winter. Yeah for Fresno!!  For me it was nice to be using my camera again. I tend to take a break for a few weeks after the rush of family shoots in the Fall and Winter leading up to Christmas. It did feel good to get back in the swing of things again.

  Banner 1

The first picture here cracks me up with his cheeky face.  I was trying to get this picture as he persisted to scoot himself further down the post, in his attempt to get away from me.

Banner 3

Banner 2

Grace 1 

 Micah 3

Micah 1                                                                                                       So grown up, so handsome!!

Noah 1

Kids 1

Kids 2

Kids 3

Grace 6

Christmas Crafts

I try to keep my crafts to a minimum during the holidays, because I know they will never get done if I don’t.  So by minimal I mean I did one this year.  These pictures were put on small pieces of wood found at the craft store and then good old Mod Podge over the top. I drilled the whole at the top to make them into ornaments.  Fun craft and fairly easy, even for a non crafter! Thanks Naomi for being my partner in crime that day.   Merry Christmas Everyone!


Noah and Grace 1

 Micah Ornament pic

Grace Ornament Pic

Noah Ornament Pic


Grace 3

Grace 2

The Kids

As I was searching around on my computer this morning, I forgot I took these pictures of the kids several weeks a go.   What a shame I know!!  Kids measuring in now this fall Noah 3, Grace 5, and Micah 7.  Happy Sunday!!


Kids 4

Kids 3 

Noah 1

Noah 2


Grace 1 

Grace 3

Grace 4

Fall Family Photos

Well everybody it is that time of year to start thinking about the infamous “Christmas Card Picture”.  I am already full for September and October, but I am booking still for November and the first week of December only.

                      Fall Family Special  is $75.00 for the pictures (25 pics) on a CD. 

                                                                Here is the link for more details and other session prices Session Fees



Old McDonald Had A Farm


I had the privilege of  taking some pictures for a Farm Themed birthday party.  Their little boy was having his big 1st birthday.   This event was the real deal, outfitted with real tractors and everything!  There was so much cute detail throughout this party, it was a lot of fun to shoot.  Happy Birthday Mason!





                                                                                    Desserts by


4 5




Noah Turns Three

My sweet boy turns 3 today.  He is talking so much now, and I can really start to see his personality come through. My favorite thing he does now,  is that he is singing.  Micah and Grace are in choir this year, but I find Noah singing the songs more often around the house then they are. He has such a sweet voice and I have been waiting for one of my kids to bust a note!   He and Micah are still glued at the hip and I hope it will always be that way. They have such a sweet bond together, and I love it!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and we can’t wait to see how you change and grow this next year.                                     Happy Birthday Noah!