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Happy Birthday Adam

Adam's Birthday 2008 006 Adam's Birthday 2008 012

Happy 26th Birthday Adam!!!

Adam's Birthday 2008 005Adam's Birthday 2008 007

Adam's Birthday 2008 013

George is such a party animal!

Adam's Birthday 2008 014

How sweet!

Adam's Birthday 2008 027

Yes, this is Micah in a gift bag, getting tosted by Uncle Cooper and Daddy!

Bowling Night


We were supposed to go on Mother’s Day, but we could not work it out with everyone’s schedule. Well, even though it was a month late, it was still fun.  We all brought our favorite cookie or treat, and Rhonda brought the milk!

bowling 004



bowling 002

Grace held on to a brownie for the whole night! Yum!!!

bowling 003

This was Adam’s victory pose after his first strike!

Our Summer Show




This is one of Adam and I favorite shows. We look forward to it every summer!

My Brother’s In Town

My brother and siser-in-law were here from North Carolina this weekend. We had not seen them since Christmas. We went to Renee’s moms house in the foothills, and took some pictures of their family for them.

Renee family Pics 151

Renee family Pics 187Renee family Pics 118

Micah had a total blast playing out there. He rode that tricycle all day!