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My Little Helper


Grace has been the most into her little brother.  She loves to help me change him, and loves to hold him.  She will bring the "Boppy" when she is ready to hold him, since she knows that is what I get out when they hold him. She loves kissing him (all the time). I am so glad she is into him, and not jealous.



He Tooted


Noah let out a great big toot!!. Micah thought it was so hilarious.


Nick’s Here


My brother Nick was here in town for a few days.  I was glad he got to see baby Noah.  We all got together for pizza with the family at my Moms house.


IMG_4894 IMG_4892


1 week old




My Other Baby

Today I caught her in Noah’s seat. I guess she was  done being the big girl!


Chilling out at Nanna’s


My kids were sleeping soundly at my moms while I was at the


IMG_0632 IMG_0630

Noah and Dad


He’s Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Daniel Temple

Monday, August 18th at 12:44pm

7lbs 15oz & 22in. long

I am so proud to say that Noah Daniel Temple is here!.  He is healthy and beautiful, and I am so thankful for his life.  I had a great delivery, and recovery is going smooth. There were so many things that God had his hand in. I feel so blessed.  I really felt God’s favor and perfect timing in all of this. Thank you, to all of you who have prayed, and supported me during my pregnancy. I really appreciate you all!




Family Night “Breakfast in Bed”


Well tonight my family joined us for our "family night". They were out of town for the week, and anxious to see the kids!


We made fresh squeezed orange juice.

  IMG_4696 IMG_4697

We had donuts, eggs, sausage, fruit, and hashbrowns.


We blew up our air mattress, and wore our PJ’s.  Micah loved the fact, that he got to eat in bed.

IMG_4708 IMG_4709 IMG_4700

Nanna read them bedtime stories!


Yumm Donuts!!!!



Moms Art Day

 momsplaygroup 4 moms playgroup3 momsplaygroup 5moms playgroup 1