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Not So Scary Fudge

So my sister-in-law sent me another easy fudge recipe for those that are

scared of trying the other. Enjoy!


Easy Fudge Recipe by Kraft

What a outfit!

Happy Birthday Dad



Since we were not able to

spend your birthday with you, being

that you were out of town, here are a

few video messages for you!

Micah singing happy birthday!


Grace saying Hello.

Disney’s Desperate Housewives





I finally got my videos working again so here is a really cute video of Grace when she was a baby. I thought I would share it with you.

Velveeta Fudge!


So my sister-in-law Renee sent me a email, about a new fudge recipe she just tried. She said it was really yummy, and very easy, and that I had to blog about it.  She informed me that the recipe called for Velveeta and not to be scared, because you could not taste it! Oh, and yes this is a Paula Dean recipe. Who else would put Velveeta in their fudge.  If you do try the recipe, she used unsalted butter, and only 1 and 1/2 sticks of butter (only!!). So if any of you are brave and try it.  Let me know what you think.

Chocolate-cheese Fudge Recipe


Peanut-butter cheese Fudge Recipe

The Wig



So my mom has been working hard on Graces costume. She was making some braids, and before we cut the wig up we had a little fun!


IMG_0756 IMG_0757

IMG_0760 IMG_0759

I finally got a smile


Today we were visiting my mom, before she went out of town. She needed a grandkid fix of course before she left. I finally got a picture of Noah smiling, I was so happy!


I. IMG_0775


This is why I have not pictures of all of us. This is the best I could do!

If Celebrities Moved To Oklahoma!


I got a huge kick out of this! Must

check out this link.

If Celebrities Moved To Oklahoma



Brittany Spears


Cameron Diaz

Once Wed


 Once Wed

Amorology Weddings


This site I just stumbled upon, it has some beautiful wedding ideas. I really liked this one, so here are some pics. Check out the other link also it has really cool stuff as well.