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Holiday Baking Phase III


Today finished out the last of my baking. I had some help with the kids this evening (Thank you Grandparents), so I was able to get it all out pretty quickly.

I froze some of my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip dough, so that was easy to just throw in the oven. I realized in doing that, that it would be a great way to do all my baking next year. I will defiantly be doing that again. It makes things a lot easier to just have the dough ready on hand, for when you need it. Also, it is more fresh, since you can just bake them right before you need to deliver them.



The second thing I made was more Rise Kristpie treats. I mixed in chocolate chips and then sprinkled more on top. They tasted  a bit like smores!

IMG_6239 IMG_6245



The third thing I made was the Mrs Fields recipe for Chocolate Chips Cookies. These are my husbands favorite cookies.


Holiday Baking Part II



The next phase of my baking was sugar cookies.  The kids got in on the action of course. There was minimal fighting, so that nice!  NO these were not from scratch. Good old "Nestle Tollhouse" was there to help me.  With three kids you just have to do store bought dough sometimes.





IMG_6220 IMG_6224

IMG_6221 IMG_6222

Holiday Baking Part I


images chips_bittersweet

Well today started off my week of Holiday Baking. I wanted to make some goodies to take to a Christmas party tomorrow, so I had to get busy.  I decided to try a twist on an old favorite, Rice Krispies Treats.

I love Rice Krispies Treats because they are a no bake super easy recipe.  I decided however to use Cocoa Krispies, and then dip them in Chocolate. I made individual sizes so they are big. They were very tasty I must say!!




Crazy Weather


Today it hailed!! For us here in Fresno, this is a big deal, since this is the closest we get to snow around here.  It was so crazy, because at least in our part of town, it went from dreary, to a complete down pour and only for about 10 min. 

Micah had just went down for a nap. I got him up so he could see all the excitement. He thought it was really cool, until he heard some really loud thunder. He told me that he wanted Daddy to make it stop (so cute).

IMG_6188 IMG_6187


Christmas Caroling


This morning a few of us moms went caroling at the Windham Assisted Living facility.  We sang a few carols, and passed out some goodies. They were thrilled to have us. I was glad I got to do this with the kids!


IMG_6172  IMG_6143




I love this picture of you guys!



I like this picture because Sara looks so lovely and peaceful, as her boys are not corroborating for the photo! Oh well, you look fabulous!



They all loved this little one.


As soon as we started singing Mikayla got this look on her face. I almost started laughing right during our number. I guess she was not sure about our singing!!!


Last but not least I took this picture before we left. I had to capture him in his cute little hat!

Noah and Papa


My Dad stopped by to drop some boxes off. He wanted to make my mom jealous (Ha, Ha), so we took a quick picture.


My Little Raccoon

IMG_6102IMG_6095 1



Gift Wrapping


Micah got to pick out some gifts this year, from the Dollar Tree. I was hearing a lot of his requests lately, so I thought we might do some shopping for others.  It was really fun to see what he picked out for people!

While Grace was still napping we decided to wrap those gifts today. He really liked the tape part of course.

IMG_6109 IMG_6108


Some of his finished work!

Girls Work Night


So I am always tagging along the girls Sunday School Work Nights. I am always down to hang with these awesome ladies. Well, as you would expect a lot of Christmas projects were the theme tonight. I worked on our Christmas cards (Yeah), with the help of Sara and Danielle, who I put to work stuffing. Thanks a lot ladies! I am really tired today from staying up way to late, but so glad my cards are done. Here are some the girls hard at work.

IMG_6090 IMG_6091


Here are our gifts we are taking to the old folks on Monday.


Must have food as we worked!


Here was Noah and Georgia hanging with the ladies.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies


I just tried this new Bisquick recipe. I thought it was defiantly a keeper. They are really easy since it uses Bisquick mix. You only have a few other ingredients to add.

Here is the link to the recipe.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies