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She is a little big for that don’t you think?


Grace loves getting in Noah’s play thing. She also really likes the Jumper.  She get’s in herself, and will play for quite awhile. Whatever keeps them happy I guess.



Edible Pampers

I rarely watch Saturday Night Live, but I was up late last night. I was disappointed with the whole show, until this clip.  I always love when they do the commercials.  This one really cracked me up!


I ate way too much today!



We had a really nice Valentine’s Day today.  We started off our day by getting donuts with the kids. They were really into this.  I then hit the kitchen,  and  made our special breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, and of course donuts).

Adam and I were not really planning on going out tonight, but probable tomorrow, or Monday. Last minute, my parents wanted to see the kids, and Sheree had already offered early that day to help out, if we needed anything.  We were nuts to pass up that offer!

So the older two spent the evening with my parents. They took them to  McDonalds, and gave them their valentines.  Noah was with Auntie Sheree,  Uncle Cooper, and cousin Milo.  Thanks everybody!!


Adam and I made it simple tonight. We really wanted pizza. We hit our favorite place Me N Eds, for their heart shaped pizza. Aren’t we romantic?

I am so stuffed between the big breakfast, donuts, pizza, soda, and the nibbling of candy all day. I need a detox. Defiantly going to hit the gym this week!


Micah wanted to work on his valentines this morning. He was not happy that I would not let him eat the candy. He sat there for quite awhile staring at everything, until he got out of his funk!


Moms Valentines Dinner

Here are pictures from our Moms Valentines Dinner last night. We had a fajita bar which was delicious, courtesy of the Painted Table.

Adam and I were on a panel of other couples for the game that night. We came in second place!


IMG_7653 IMG_7665





IMG_7649 IMG_7650

IMG_7648 IMG_7654


Sheree made Red Velvet Cakes for us that night. They were so good!!!




I read on someone’s blog that they found a kids activity book with coupons in it.  At my trip to Wallgreens (chestnut/shepherd) this week I found it. It was in the coloring book section. It is called "Children’s Activity Book". It is only 99 cents. The coupons are right in the front, so you can see if there are any that would work for you. The coupons are kids coupons ( Tylenol, toothbrushes, vitamins, diapers, ect) There are 16 coupons total.

The Bachelor Update

image image image image

Well it is down to the final 4. Jason is going to visit everyone’s family’s next week. I always get together with my girls and watch the finale. For those of you that are fans let me know so I can include you that night! Who are your favorites? I like Molly and Jillian the best!

Highlighted Deals for 2/3/09



Here is the link to check out the free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s today!

They are giving a rain check out (first 500) to those that can’t wait. As always, you may want to check to see if your local Denny’s is participating.

Common Sense With Money


Wallgreens Deals for 2/1-2/7


If you like Revelon products Wallgreens free items this month (after rebates) are Age defying Spa Concealer, foundation, and cream lip gloss.

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, 6.8 to 13 oz. is also a part of the free items this month.


Comet Cleanser 2/$1 with in ad coupon

Clorox Bleach 60oz 2/$3 with in ad coupon

Ricola Cough Drops 1.29 each with in ad coupon

Jiffy Muffin Mix 2/$1

B1G1 Free LOreal True Match Cosmetics

Dove Bar Soap 99cents




Here is a link to some good Wallmart deals this week.

Be Centsable