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The Cow Said Moo

Today we went to our friend Michelle’s house.  They have cows on their property, so we had to come check it out. Micah defiantly wanted to live there permanently.  He told me while I was posting the pictures, "Mommy it was so beautiful". Thanks Michelle for having us, we had a blast!


IMG_8329 IMG_8330


IMG_8323 IMG_7213

IMG_8331 IMG_8336


The poor cat was being tortured by our kids!

Bear Terd Nachos & Pond Water

The other night for dinner we threw together what we had in the fridge.  Let’s see, "taco meat, black beans, cheese, tortilla chips".  That sounds pretty good right?.  As soon as we plated these I could not help but think how grouse they looked!  They really did taste good, but we could not get over how bad it looked.  My husband decided to call them Bear Terd Nachos. He said "bear" because the beans looked like berries (Yuck).  All through dinner we had the giggles about this horrible looking meal. On top of that, I made this tea (which is so good), but the cream I added made it look so murky. I guess it was a fitting drink, to go with our Bear Terd Nachos.


My Brother-In-Laws

  How Sweet! Wait a minute, that is a stinking huge Pizza. Yummy!!


My Sweet Boy


Day With Milo

Today we had Milo here while Sheree and Cooper went to a meeting.  The kids had so much fun with him. It kept my kids busy all morning!


Who could you resist watching that sweet face all day!



Here is the gang.




Lunch Time.



Here is Milo showing Noah some love. How sweet!

Stand Up Desk

Since Adam is at the computer all day, he really likes to use a stand up desk.  He use to use one when he was at Sermon Spice. It has been almost a year without one, and He just could not take it anymore.

He went on the hunt this weekend for something to covert over, this being the more cost effective option. I have to say, I was really proud of what he did, it looked great!



Here was the original piece for $15.o0 at the thrift store.


IMG_7175 IMG_7185

Micah had so much fun helping out his Dad!



The finished product. Good job guys!!!



Cupcake Smores Mmm…

I defiantly need to make these some time!

Cup Cakes Take The Cake



This post

Pot Night

Well our Thursday tradition continued even though Rhonda and George were out of town (we missed you).  Our menu consisted of beans, cornbread, hotdogs and strawberries.

Sheree the beans were awesome! Julie thanks for bringing the cornbread!


IMG_7141 IMG_7143


IMG_7158 IMG_7159 IMG_7137

Here was our entertainment, flying Micah!


I can’t forget this look


As I mentioned in my previous post,

Micah goes through phases of looks that

he gives me when I take pictures. I

stumbled upon this one. I had to post! I

am glad we are past this look!!!