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The Bird House

Micah spent the evening with his Papa working on a bird house.   He was so excited about this, and looking forward to it all day.  Thanks Dad, it is such a nice memory you and Micah with have!


  IMG_8229 IMG_8237 IMG_8226IMG_8243 IMG_8241

Roasting Coffee Beans

So for those of you that don’t know my husband is always up for a challenge.  I on the other hand just like plain old convenience.  As of late my husband has been roasting his own coffee beans.  He buys them raw, and then roasts them in our backyard in a skillet. The good news, is they actually taste good!  Micah of course loves this.  I guess this is good father son bonding. As for me, I will just stick to my Starbucks!

IMG_8221 IMG_7993 IMG_8222 IMG_7995

Hair Clips

So I used to make hair bows for Grace and I haven’t in so long.  Once I  could just put her hair in a pony tail, I got lazy and stopped making them.  This last weekend I got the itch to do them again.  Here are the fruits of my labor.


Kid Pics



Rhonda got this for her, and she is just is so stinking cute in it!



Also cute!

Shower for Baby Iris

Saturday I celebrated Ashley’s baby shower.  She is having a girl, and naming her Iris (so sweet).  Sheree helped in the planning and did a great job, along with everyone else. 



IMG_8151 IMG_8150  IMG_8183

I was totally in love with these lanterns that were hanging all over the yard.




This was wrapped in paper, it was such a cute idea!










Melanie did a great job on all the food!



   IMG_8175   IMG_8197

IMG_8190 IMG_8193



IMG_8153 IMG_8135

Noah 8 Months Old

Today Noah turned 8 months.  Let’s see, what is he up to these days. He is crawling around everywhere. I just had to purchase new baby gates. He also is pulling himself up on things.  He has three teeth and working on the other top three. He is as sweet, and precious as ever!


Day with Nana and Papa

Whenever the kids are at my parents, they enjoy so much working on projects with my Dad ( Micah especially). Today they got to wash the cars. It is nice when washing a car is such a highlight to them, especially when my car get’s washed too! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking them today!


IMG_8064 IMG_8063

IMG_8085  IMG_8073

Wesley & CJ’s Wedding

Today was Wesley & CJ’s wedding.  They are die hard Dodger Fan’s ( of course I totally approve), so their wedding reflected a lot of that, along with their love of Disney Land.  It was amazing weather, I actually was getting a little hot.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of them from the wedding.  I just snapped this one from their invitations.



IMG_8006 IMG_8000

IMG_8005 IMG_8004


IMG_8028 IMG_8058

IMG_8020 IMG_8034

IMG_8033 IMG_8035




This is a picture of the very fancy porta potties they had! They were nicer then my bathroom.

Easter At Grandmas

My Grandmas who I will just say is in her 80’s hosted Easter dinner.  She is so awesome. We had a delicious dinner prepared by her. On the menu was,  Honey Baked Ham, whole made Mac & Cheese, Rolls, and Carmel Apple Trifle.  Yum, Yum!! The kids got to hunt Easter eggs again, which was of course a highlight. I ate way to much food, and have to workout all day tomorrow.  Thanks Grandma for a lovely dinner!


IMG_7972 IMG_7949

IMG_7955 IMG_7957


IMG_7946 IMG_7979

IMG_7974 IMG_7948

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Kids Easter Pictures





IMG_7617 IMG_8342