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Temple Family Easter

Today was our Temple Family Easter at Julie house.  George made Eggs Benedict. Daniel made some really great potatoes.  I am sorry I don’t have any pictures, I guess I was too busy eating at the time. After breakfast we had the traditional egg hunt.  Mimi had real eggs along with the candy filled eggs.  Micah and Reagan were not to pleased with the real eggs they found! Micah threw those ones back.  Sorry Mimi!!


Our attempt as always to get all the kids. Rhonda is in the picture, because Grace would not have it any other way. I really like Noah’s sideways hat and one shoe look!




IMG_7924 IMG_7932

IMG_7899 IMG_7911

IMG_7900  IMG_7903


IMG_7913 IMG_7894

Arrh the Pirates are coming…

Today was Luke’s 3rd birthday. Micah was extremely excited he got to go back up to the place with the cows again. Luke’s pirate party was a hit with all the kids.  They all had the most fun with the pirate piñata. Thanks Michelle, we had a really great time!

IMG_7863 IMG_7865


The only time the kids were quiet of course!


IMG_7859  IMG_7851

IMG_7853 IMG_7862

IMG_7869 IMG_7875

IMG_7867  IMG_7871

Zoo Day

Today our moms group hit the Zoo.  It was a beautiful day, which was funny because by early evening it was raining so hard.  We had not been this year, so I was glad we finally made it out. Micah loved the reptile house, wolfs and sting rays.


 Here was our attempt to get all the children together. Don’t forget little Reagan sitting way in the back.

IMG_7835 IMG_7839


The lovely snow cone faces!


Here is Micah leading the group on our next route.  This map was the subject of fighting the whole day, until we got more then one, then nobody cared anymore. Isn’t that how it always is.

Happy Birthday Jeremy & Cris

So I forgot to post on Jeremy’s 15th birthday last week (sorry bro). Today is Cris’s 24th birthday. Anyway I hope you two have great a day. You guys are great brothers! Love you both a ton!!! Happy Birthday!



Ben’s Going Away Dinner

My brother Ben is moving to Virginia where my older brother Nick lives.  He leaves on Tuesday, so we had our last family dinner together.  We ate at one of his favorites, Chapala Grill, then back to Moms house for frozen yogurt.  I am still not completely use to not having Nick and Renee around, and now it is really going to be hard not to have Ben around too. I will miss him so much!!

IMG_7825 IMG_7810 IMG_7814 IMG_7815 IMG_7823  IMG_7818

Pot Night = Smoked Tritip

 Rhonda and George were back for this weeks "Pot Night". Here’s what was on the menu for the night.

"Pot" of mashed potatoes

Smoked Tritip

Peta Poopies (peta bread, with garlic & butter spread)

Salad Bar

IMG_7803 IMG_7806

IMG_7807 IMG_7805

Best Buds

Sara and I took pictures of all our kids in their Easter clothes on Wednesday.  It was the most crazy day! I have to keep telling myself, it is better now then on Easter. I wanted Sunday to be relaxed and for me not to be going picture crazy with them all day. We did get some good pics, but it was not an easy task let me tell you. 

I thought I would post this pic of the boys, cause they are so cute! Micah is so lucky to have such a sweet friend like Sam, he can’t get enough of him.  I will post the other pics on Easter.  You will just have to wait!



I am ashamed to say

I have not read the books, I have not seen the movie. However, last night Julie invited me to their Twilight Party.  Mind you I was not jumping for joy, but you know I am always up for a party!

My expectations were low (very low), and let me tell you the movie was so bad!! They tell me it get’s better the more times you watch it. Sorry ladies, I don’t think I will be subjecting myself to that torture again.  If I thought the vampire boy was cute, it might of helped, but I can’t say I am much attracted to the pale vampire kind.  Needless to say I got a complete kick out of watching these girls.

I defiantly can’t judge since I watch the Bachelor, which is completely silly and pointless. Well thanks for including me anyway. The cupcakes were yummy, and company always a hoot!

IMG_7403 IMG_7408