Monthly Archives: May 2009

Adam’s New Toy

My husband over the weekend  bought this electric dirt bike.  It was an early birthday gift for him.  Micah and him were basically in heaven all weekend, to say the least! Grace actually likes riding it too.  Adam makes fun of how slow Grace and I ride on it.  We like to take it at a nice cruising speed! 

Last night we wanted to walk to Starbucks. Adam of course suggested we take the bike. I of course responded by saying “ no way”. I can only be embarrassed so much you know!  It really has been a lot  of fun.  So if you see a man zooming along the side walk in on mini  bike it just might be my husband!


Senior Pictures

My Brother Jonathan is graduating this year, and  Adam and I got to take  his pictures.  It was refreshing to take someone’s picture that didn’t run away from me, and that I did not have to make goofy faces in order to smile! It was so easy!

Final botox Jon's good pics final (16)


Fix 1 Jon's good pics final (4)

Day At The Lake

This past weekend we spent the afternoon at the Lake. This actually was our first swim of the season.  Micah has been wanting to swim all winter, so of course he was thrilled we were actually going to get to do it.   The high today was in the 100, so it was only fitting that we spend it in the water.


IMG_8919 IMG_8918 IMG_8915

Here were the kids excited to get to the Lake. Ok, Micah was excited, but not excited about me wanting him to smile. That is him protesting my picture taking!




IMG_8926 IMG_8928

Next are the pictures of the way home. You think I wore them out or what!

IMG_8930 IMG_8931 IMG_8929 IMG_8932

Noah is 9 Months

Today Noah is 9 months old .  Nothing really new on the horizon.  He is as busy as ever.  He can climb up our stairs in about 10 seconds.

The sweetest thing he has been dong lately is hug.  With Noah being such a busy boy, and not much for cuddling, this is the best! I can not believe he will be a year this summer. Yikes!


IMG_8281 IMG_8335 IMG_8334

IMG_8328 IMG_8330

6 Kids

Well last weekend I ended up having 6 kids for a couple hours (long story). They were all great, and it was actually a fun night. I just had to take a picture of the whole gang.    I thought you would like the bowl of snacks I just threw in front of then, kind of like a feeding trof. It worked, they were happy for quite awhile!



Mother’s Day

I had great Mother’s Day. We had lunch at my moms house after church, and then headed out to the park.  My cousin’s daughter was being baptized, and they were having a barbeque out at Woodward.  It was a beautiful day to be out! I hope all you Mother’s out there had a great day. Thanks to everyone who made my day special!