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Carnival Wedding

I thought these were so adorable, from a Carnival Wedding! Love it!!!


bischoff_085 bischoff_088

bischoff_068 bischoff_080 bischoff_075 bischoff_055 bischoff_060 bischoff_093bischoff_110

Good Day Sunshine

Also a beautiful wedding, inspired by lemons.


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Adam Thank You…



Thank you for being a Godly example to them.

Thank you for always making time for them, even when you’re busy.

Thank you for teaching, and training them.

Thank you for disciplining them, even when it’s hard.

Thank you for getting up early, and staying up late.

Thank you for being their protector.

Thank you for providing above and beyond for them.

Happy Father’s Day!

IMG_7500 Pics from Moms house 1932


Pics from Moms house 1980

DSC00044 IMG_7957

Pics from Moms house 1984 282_8300

  Pics from Moms house 1980 IMG_5749

Family outing 2007 026 compressed DSC00104

Special Dads

Here are some of my favorite pictures, of all the special Dads in my life. I love you guys, for all the many ways you love my kids! Happy Father’s Day!

IMG_7948 280_8001

046 DSC01189


 IMG_7979  Moms Group and Micah Birthday 090


 Pics from Moms house 1954 DSC00048

IMG_6464 IMG_6505

Michelle’s Baby Shower

Sara and the “other” Michelle, (I have lot’s of Michelle friends), hosted a lovely shower for Michelle Gyle.  We all brought plain onsies to appliqué different things on them for here to take home.  It was a great idea, and one I will probably steal for sure.





IMG_8539 IMG_8526











Noah 10 Months


Well my little man is 10 months now.  I can’t believe he will be almost a year soon. He won’t be my baby anymore, and that does make me a little sad!  Noah is as busy as can be right now.  He is pulling himself up on everything, and cruising around the couch.  The past couple days he has balanced a bit on his own. I am sure by next month he will be taking steps. 








Kids Day

Yesterday we all went to my Dad’s work for Kids Day.  The kids had a blast,  going to all the booths, and picking up free stuff!  Micah was looking the most forward to the snow cones.   The bounce house was also a big hit for the kids.  Gracie was really into wearing Papa’s gear, she was very cute!  I can’t wait till next year Dad!



IMG_8509 IMG_8520


IMG_8516 IMG_8515

IMG_8512 IMG_8519

Oh the Face, Oh the drama…..

My Grace was not happy with me the night of my Moms party, when I told her she had to finish her dinner before treats! I had never really seen this whole look before.  She held this face for a good 10min straight. Of course ,we all got our cameras out to capture the moment.  It took her about an hour before she finally took that bite. When I told her she could have  her treat,  she ended up not even wanting it anymore,  and just wanted to ride her bike.  Cute now, but not so cute when she is 16. I better watch out for this drama queen!


IMG_8448 IMG_8445

Jon’s Graduation Party

Tonight was my brother’s graduation party.  It was a great evening, and perfect weather. Congratulations brother, we are proud of you!

Jon's good pics final (14)



IMG_8482  IMG_8483



IMG_8493 IMG_8480

IMG_8496  IMG_8499





I convinced my Dad we needed a bar for this event.  My Dad and my Brother worked hard, converting this old dresser into the perfect barista for the event! My brother Cris works at Starbucks, so he made us some really great drinks!


The three of us kept the drinks flowing that night.  Although my brother did bring these aprons for us, we all ended up unknowingly coordinating with our purple ! I guess we siblings, think alike!




IMG_8498Gracie having to much party!



Micah on the other hand, going strong protecting us with his machine gun, and machete.



IMG_8478 IMG_8473 IMG_8474

Birthday Week

This week was Adam, and my Mom’s birthday.  We started off the week celebrating Adam’s birthday at the Zoo, with the whole family.  Adam and also got to go out to dinner, and see the movie UP in 3D, it was a great date night.








Last night we celebrated my Mom’s birthday. I had her over for dinner, I made an easy crock pot meal, and then  made her her favorite, strawberry pizza.













Here is Noah enjoying Nana’s party!

What a party animal!