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Graces 3rd Birthday

This morning we celebrated Graces 3rd birthday with a few friends, and family at Harlan Ranch. 


IMG_8793 IMG_8782

I served bagels and cream cheese with fruit. For the kids I filled these white boxes with snacks. Sara K. printed the labels for me (Thanks!) They also doubled nicely as a favor. 


For dessert I forego the traditional cake, and went for something a bit more refreshing for our 105 degree day. I got these cute individual sorbets from Costco.  They even came with their own spoon!


IMG_8798 IMG_8799


Sheree kept loading Milo, and Noah up with snacks. They went through a crazy amount between the two of them.  The Teddy Grahams were a big hit!


Here is Grace not happy at all that I just lit FIRE!  She did not approve of this whole candle lighting thing.  At least I don’t have to worry about her burring the house down anytime soon.

Thanks everyone for coming out today.   I know it was hot, and I appreciate it.  Thank you also, for all the lovely gifts! It is so nice to get new things, she and brother have been so quiet all afternoon.

Gracie Turns 3


Grace 3 years old July 20092


Grace 3 years old July 20091

Grace 3 years old July 2009

Micah Age 4

IMG_8720 IMG_8723 IMG_8722

Renee’s Baby Shower

I was honored to host a baby shower, along with my Mom, and sister-in-law Brie.   I have been looking forward to doing this for her, ever since I found out she was expecting! Congratulations Renee!



Brie, and a friend did a wonderful job on the invitations.


IMG_8640 IMG_8639


IMG_8707   IMG_8713

Favors & Menus (my moms handy work)



The shower was at Marie Calender’s which has a really nice banquet room. 



IMG_8662 IMG_8663

IMG_8654 IMG_8644

Julie and Sheree made these adorable cookies for me, to put in my centerpieces.  Thanks girls, they look awesome!


IMG_8694 IMG_8691 IMG_8689 IMG_8690 IMG_8692 IMG_8695 IMG_8688 IMG_8687

Noah is 11 months old

Okay here is Noah’s 11 month old update.

  • Standing on his own, and taking a couple of steps.
  • Getting curly hair.
  • Can climb the top of our stairs in under 30 seconds ( No Joke).
  • His favorite foods are, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, and cookies!




It’s In His Blood

The other morning Micah had pulled out cans from the pantry, and was playing with them on the kitchen floor.  Later, I informed him it was time to pick up.  It had been quite a while , and very quite, so I went in to check on his progress.  To my surprise he not only picked up the cans, but had organized two of the shelves.  When I told him how great he did, he informed me he still had another shelf to do!  So if any of you need some work done around the house, I will be hiring him out this summer! I have to say, it does my heart proud to see he has the same  love of a good organized space!




To All My Fans

So it has been 12 days since my last post.  I was informed that people were getting worried I had dropped off the blogging band wagon. I apologize, I would not want to upset my many fans (Ha Ha)!

We have been sick off and on for the last few weeks.  I was unmotivated to blog much, since all it would be about is running noses, fevers, and throwing up.  So worry no more, I am back!

Hume Lake

Last week we spend part of the weekend at Hume Lake with the Karlsons.  I have not been up there in many years, so it was like going for the first time again.   It was absolutely beautiful up there! Thank you Sara & Eric for having us, and April and Cliff, for opening up your home. 

 IMG_8629  IMG_8623IMG_8631  IMG_8624 IMG_8626IMG_8633

4th of July

We usually spend our 4th with the McMullen’s, but with Leslie’s Dad in the hospital, it was defiantly not in the works for them to host this year.  Katie and I however, could not spend a 4th of July apart so we made plans of our own.  We wanted easy, and chill,  so of course none better than to go to Harlan Ranch. It is so great out there, and I always have so much fun.  The kids swam like crazy all afternoon.  The weather was perfect, not to hot, and really nice and breezy, in the evening.  Thanks Daniel and Julie, for letting us raid your pool!



IMG_8553  IMG_8581IMG_8579 


IMG_8588 IMG_8599 IMG_8609

 IMG_8607 IMG_8563



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