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My little Soccer Player



Micah & Sam’s 1st Soccer Game

Baby Gender Reveal Party

I saw this post on Hostess With The Mostess. They had a party where they revealed the sex of the baby to everyone. Guest wore blue if they thought it was a boy, and pink if they thought it was  girl! Super cute!   Hostess With The Mostess "Baby Gender Reveal"


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The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever


This past Labor Day weekend I was at a party and had this amazing chocolate cake.  It doesn’t look like much, but it is so good. I am thinking probably because there is nearly 4 stick of butter in it.  You can’t go wrong right?

I asked the lady that brought it, for the recipe. She committed by saying, “Do you know the Pioneer Woman”. I of course said yay duh! Ok I did not say it like that, but I love her stuff. I actually remember this cake from her site, but had forgotten about it. Thursday, I brought this to our family dinner and it was a big hit. It is simple, and does not have complicated ingredients.  Micah was my helper that day in the kitchen.

Pioneer Women "Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever"


Proud Parents




1 week old 

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7333_130425179758_621744758_2299344_4008516_nProud Uncle Ben


Well I have gone full circle from a homeschooler, to a home school mom.  It was really weird for Katie and I to show up back at the place where we have so many home school memories. Actually, all of us in the school were homeschooled.  We were all going back to our roots today!  Although I know not all of them will be doing this forever, it is nice to have them with us this year.  I did bane all the moms from wearing any denim, and Birkenstocks!



Here is our group. Love this one of Ben!


IMG_9091 IMG_9080 IMG_9087




For those of you that follow this blog, you will be seeing a lot of this little one.  I got to see her over the webcam yesterday, and talk to my brother, and Renee.  Renee looked great, and big bro Nick didn’t look to tired (yet).  She is so cute, I can hardly wait to see her. 




The Girls

We have been trying to take pictures of the girls for months now. I am so glad we finnaly were able to do it.  Grace was not excited at all about the whole picture taking thing.  Olivia and Kennedy did much better!  Thanks Max for taking the pics, they look great!!


Friends-17 Friends-18 Friends-6



                       These were the real looks we were getting that night! LOVE THIS!!






IMG_9020 IMG_9021




Karis England

Nick and Renee had their baby yesterday!!  She is as sweet as can be. I am told she looks a bit like I did as a baby, which is awesome, since none of my kids look like me!!  I am dying not being able to see her in person.  I can’t wait to kiss and hug her.  Karis we love you, and are so glad you are here!  Nick and Renee, you will be awesome parents.  Welcome to parenthood, there is nothing like it!!


Karis England Venegas

Born Friday, September 4th

At 5:49pm.

7lbs 4oz



Karis 3 fixed

IMG_0964 Karis 1