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Gracie 3 1/2




This is the face I get the most often followed by, “It is Micah and Noah’s turn now mom!”



Kennedy’s 3rd Birthday

Today we celebrated Kennedy’s 3rd birthday.  She was as cute as always in her grey and yellow! Micah gathered toys around the house, and half eaten candy to give to her as a gift. Love it!! 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!




IMG_0729-1 IMG_0731 IMG_0730


IMG_0724 Adorable and delicious cupcakes by Auntie Chirsta.


IMG_0683 Some day we will get a picture when they are all looking pleasant (Grace)!



My Little Man

IMG_0626 copy

Edible Favors

I think these are so adorable.  I would definitely need to brush up on my pie skills if I tried these! Yum Yum! Check out the site for other favor ideas. Elizabeth Ann Designs .









Letter Banners

I found these super cute banners on Etsy.  I think they are such a great, and inexpensive way to add something special to your party.  Scrapbook paper is relatively cheap, and comes in so many varieties.    You can use any kind of clips, or just thread the string right through.  Try these at your next event, they will be a big hit!








Here is the one I did for Noah’s “Mr. Man” Party.



How to make a letter banner:

  • Choose the outline setting in you word document, and then enlarge the font to the size you want.
  • Print and cut out each letter.
  • Trace onto your scrapbook  paper and then cut out. (Card stock is best to add firmness, but you can always just clue on card stock separately). I do recommend using firm paper, it is much more stable that way.
  • String through or clip the letters to the rope.

Our Beloved Mosher

Well for those of you that don’t know, we loving let Mosher go to a new family.   He has been a good dog but 7 years, and three kids later our nest was feeling a bit full.  We decided to put him on Craig’s List and go from there.  My prayer was that he would go to good family. Although I was ready for him to find a new home, I certainly wanted to know he would be well looked after.  We finally chose a family, and then later found out they are mutual friends of my really good friends (It is a small world). They are a great family with three kids, and I am happy he is with them!  Here is a picture of one of their kids with Mosher.  Very Sweet! By the way, I could never get cute pictures with Mosher like that. Ohh well!! Mosher we love you, and please be good!!!



Nick & Renee’s Visit

It was so great to see my brother, Renee, and Karis during the Holidays.  This was the first time I had ever seen Karis. She is as precious as ever!! I am so excited, because they will all be down again in May for my brother to officiate a wedding (Thank you Christa & Mike)!! It was great seeing you guys!!



IMG_3597 IMG_3550


IMG_3008 IMG_2973






Etsy Banner