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I Finally Found My Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So well over 2 years ago I lost my wedding ring. I was making hamburger patties and set it on the counter while I was dealing with all that raw meat.  Micah had been up there for a few minutes “helping me”.  I thought when I first realized it was missing he took it, but he of course said no.  I was actually convinced maybe our dog got it ( who ate anything and everything )! I inspected his poop for quite some time after that.  Enough said on that matter.

I really did think it would show up, but I think I was mostly just in denial that I had really lost it.  Adam and I talked about getting a new one, but I  wasn’t ready to look for a new ring yet. It was that and I never could quite stomach spending the money on it. Yikes!!

So ironically enough three days before our 8th wedding anniversary I found it.  This time I was getting ready to season some chicken, and I noticed something gold inside the jar of Pappy’s Seasoning.  I knew right away it had to be it.  I could not believe it was in there all that time. I never even thought to look in there.  Now don’t judge me for having that still around for over 2 years. 

I am so excited to have it back!  Mosher I am sorry for blaming you, and sweet Micah thanks for all that “help”. Now it is just time for a good cleaning!


My Sweet Karis

I miss this little girl so much. I can’t wait to see her in May!



Julies Baby Shower

Last night was Julie’s baby shower.  We had a baked potato bar, which was so delicious. The cake from Frosted was gorgeous as usual.  We are all so excited for baby Ruby to get here.  Congratulations Julie!


IMG_1701 IMG_1704

IMG_1730 IMG_1728

Happy Birthday Ben

After our tour today we went back to Sara’s house for story time, and to have our St. Patrick Day/Ben’s birthday festivities.



IMG_1606  IMG_1681

IMG_1653 IMG_1632

IMG_1622 IMG_1624

IMG_1660 IMG_1670

IMG_1607 IMG_1613


Fresh & Easy Tour


Today we started our morning off at Fresh & Easy with our preschool for a tour.  The kids were all dressed in their St. Patrick’s best, which actually matched great with the whole Fresh & Easy decor!


The sample station. The highlight of course! You would of thought they were starving!!




IMG_1596 IMG_1580

The poor clerk, trying to check us out with the kids “help.”


The kids not to thrilled about getting their picture taken, so we moved on!

Rock And Roll Milo

Tonight we celebrated Milo’s 2nd birthday.  We rocked and rolled the night away.  There was lots of Rock Band going on, even pregnant Julie got in on the action.  We had cheese burger sliders, fries, and soda pop. Lots of fun was had by all!! Happy Birthday Milo, we love you!!


IMG_1542 IMG_1526

IMG_1532 IMG_1536

IMG_1507 IMG_1540

IMG_1552 IMG_1525

IMG_1543 IMG_1519

IMG_1510 IMG_1505


My Model

Gracie did a good job for me today, modeling my stuff!

Gracie 1

gracie 2

Open House Success!

Thank you so much for all of you that came and supported me, I really appreciate it!  Katie, Rhonda, and Sheree the cookies were so delicious!! Sarah thank you for opening up your home, and hosting the event for me.  Mom I appreciate all your help that night, and for sewing all that you did for me!



IMG_1295 IMG_1296

IMG_1299 IMG_1298

IMG_1297 IMG_1300


IMG_1316 IMG_1318

IMG_1307 IMG_1317

Kids Minus Noah (not cooperating)

IMG_1290 IMG_1291

I love that face!!


IMG_1275 IMG_1272

IMG_1279IMG_1280 IMG_1269 IMG_1278

  My Sweet Girl!