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Summer Fun

So I finally dusted my camera off and took some pictures today. Ever since I broke my toe things have been out of whack.  To add to that, we are in the process of buying a house (more to come on that), so life has been crazy!!  Today we hit the pool with friends and enjoyed some good old swim time.  Sarah thanks for having us, and Debbie your house is lovely as always!


Grace on Bike IMG_3628 copy

Grace Laying down on Towel

Olivia Color

Kennedy color

Jake and Micah

Jake and Micah 2

Girls Silly

Girly Feet


My Foot Update



IMG_3555 First of all I would like to say that I don’t want all of you ladies getting jealous of my new summer sandals!  I also promise not to just blog about my broken toe and blog something more interesting this week. 

I can’t believe in a week how well I am feeling.  My toe is healing nicely and I get my stitches out at the end of next week.  It will take a few more weeks for it to heal completely but I am able to put some pressure on it which enables me to hobble around the house.  When I have to be out and about a lot it is back to my crutches and wheel chair.  Ohh yes I do feel 80 years old! I told Adam this foot is a glimpse into our future of bunions and hammer toes!

My kids have taken full advantage of my currant state and I have decided I need an extender to the swat spoon so I can reach them from the couch. All joking aside I have to give props to Micah who is my big helper these days! He is a life saver!!

Thank you to those that have helped me out this week, and to all  those that have offered, I still my be calling you!  Well for now that is all to say about and me and my poor toe!!


Here we all are!

I am very proud we actually managed to snag an entire family picture.  With all 15 schedules to come into account we finally were able to get together at 8am Monday morning.  Also this family pic was done on a timer and tripod.  You are impressed aren’t you!


family 1

boys and michelle

From left to right.   Jonathan (#5) Jeremy (youngest # 6) Ben (middle child # 4) Me (only girl and proud of it #2) Nick (oldest #1) Cris (middle child # 3).



Me and my awesome sister-in-laws! I can’t wait till we out number the boys finally!

mom and kairs 1

Nana and Karis, which very much look like my mom and me. Creepy!

boys and dad

The Godfather!!

grandkid pic fail!!

Grandkid Picture Fail!


girls and mom and karis 2

Nick, Renee, & Karis

It was so nice to get to take their pictures yesterday. I am so sad they are heading back home already! I miss you guys, have a safe flight home!



kairs door color pop

Orginal 1 Color Pop  original 9

original 12 color pop

original color pop 17

original 19 color pop

Origianl 7 BV