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Happy Birthday Grace

My little girl turns 4. I can’t believe it!! She is such a sweetheart, and I am enjoying watching her grow.  Mommy and Daddy Love you so much!!

Grace Layout 7 

Grace Layout 4

 Grace Layout 3

Grace Layout 1

Grace Banner

Megan’s Bridal Shower

Sheree hosted a lovely bridal shower for her friend Megan last night.  She used mostly yellow and white, and had these amazing white umbrellas scattered around the house. It was so beautifully done.

invitation arrangement

 food arrangement 2

Handmade Chocolate Favors

cake layout

cupcake layout 1

Sheree gave these “Frosted” ladies a break, and made these amazing desserts herself. Yes, the nine layer chocolate cake was as good as it looks! Can this girl do it all or what!!

food arrangement 1

Whole Made Roasted Corn Brochette



Before Megan’s shower I snapped some shots of this sweet angel. I can’t believe how big she is getting.  I don’t think her eyes could get any bigger!!

Lucy 6 

Lucy 2 

 Lucy 1

Lucy 7

Lucy 4 B&W

Lucy 5 B&W

 Lucy Banner

Somebody just turned 7!!!


What more could a seven year old, want but an awesome Fineous and Ferb cake!!  Great job ladies


Reagan 7th birthday

reagan banner

Mandie’s Baby Shower

Yesterday I had the privilege of helping my sister in law, with her sisters baby shower.  The shower was at Rhonda’s house, and was the perfect setting for what we needed, shade!!  We made it more then half way through the shower, before the heat sent us inside! Thank you Rhonda and George for letting us take over your house the last couple of days! I know all that extra time with the Grandchildren was torture!!  Congratulations Chris and Mandie, we can’t wait for little Sadie Lynn to get here!!


arrangement sign and onsies

arrangement invite and flowers

arrangement landscape and drinks

drink arrangement

arrangement onsies

Handmade onsies specially made by Auntie Brie.

arrangement favors

Owl Fan Favors (which we used all morning, to beat the heat!)

arrangement food 

food arrangement 1

We had a self serve Fruit & Yogurt Parfait Bar.

arrrangement love notes

Everyone was asked to write a “lover note” to Sadie.

arrangement brie and mandie

arrangement gifts


Celebrating The 4th

It surprising has been so long since Sarah and I have spend the 4th of July together.  As kids we use to off and on quite a bit over the years. I think the last time we were together we were putting on some sort of patriotic show, and had a parade.  I know there is video of it somewhere,  you can keep that evidence hidden “Debbie”!

It was like good old times again.  Debbie and Jim thanks for hosting such a wonderful party!  Barbequed Pizza on the grill, yummy fruit, and salad, and the pest pies ever!  I am sorry I don’t have any pics of the great food, but I was trying to make sure my kids were staying a float in the pool.  It was a lovely night, with great friends.  Katie I missed hanging with you this year!! Happy 4th of July!!



centerpiece kennedy

Kennedy and Grace

banner 2

Happy 4th of July




 Noah coving his face

 noah watermelon 2  Noah with flag

grace flag fixed

grace and micah on blanket BV

Grace Micah BV

G and Micah holding hands




Happy 4th of July  everybody!!