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Princess Party

Last night we were cordially invited to a princes party! Megan did such a great job decorating, it all look fantastic.  I think this princess had royal time! Happy Birthday sweetie!!

 IMG_6815 copy

The main princess herself.

food table

food 2

IMG_6805 copy

How awesome to have your mom and Grandma in the cake business!

Oh and all these goodies taste as good as they look.  Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, so good!!!!



I loved the vintage flair she took on this princess party.

princess station

IMG_6820 copy

What princess party would not be complete with out a full dress-up and make-up station.

face painting

Face painting station. Go Chad!!

IMG_6814 copy


There were some Knights around just in case there were any dragons needing to be slain.




Happy Birthday Karis

My sweet niece turned 1 this week. I was sad not to be able to get to spend her birthday with her, but so excited to see pictures.  Renee her party was so stinking cute! I loved every part of it.  You did a great job! Happy Birthday Karis!!


karis banner 3

karis banner 2

DSC_5432 copy

DSC_5457 copy

DSC_5491 copy

Karis Banner 1

DSC_5480 copy

DSC_5412 copy



IMG_6295 copy

IMG_6289 copy 

IMG_6305 copy


Home Sweet Home

I was reminded last night that I have not posted pictures like I promised of our new house yet.  So here they are!!  We love our new place. Like any home it is a work in progress. I have lots of dreams and plans for it.  It is exciting to have something that is finally ours.  Good or bad it is ours, and I love it!!


IMG_6747 copy


Grace 1

Grace 2

I have never done a girly room for Grace, since she has always shared a room with big brother. It was was really fun to get to finally decorate for her.


IMG_6156 copy

IMG_6166 copy

Micah and Noah’s room. No more cribs for us, it is big boys beds from here on out!!

IMG_6180 copy

Guest Bathroom


IMG_6192 copy

Living Room

IMG_6211 copy

IMG_6212 copy

IMG_6219 copy


IMG_6233 copy

IMG_6253 copy

This room is our everything room, eating,  laundry, school, or crafts.  We spend a lot of time in here!! This is one of my favorite areas in the house!

IMG_6277 copy

Master bedroom


Chad & Megan’s Wedding

I had the great privilege of getting to shoot Chad and Megan’s wedding a few weeks ago.  We had great fun, and everything looked so lovely.  Congratulations you two!!! Thanks for letting me be apart of your special day.


chad & megan life quard hut banner


 IMG_4655_edited-1 IMG_4605_edited-1


Boxed Lunches banner

IMG_4601_edited-1 IMG_6043_edited-1


bouquet toss

IMG_5309_edited-1 IMG_4758_edited-1


IMG_5283 copy

IMG_6577 copy

Maddie Banner

flower girl banner 2


bw 9

Megan Banner

bw 20 bw 23

bw 16



bw 6

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