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Halloween Preview

So we always let the kids get dressed up in their costumes the family dinner before Halloween.  We don’t usually all see each other on the actual day, so I am so glad we have kept with this tradition because these kids were too cute to miss!!  Sheree made some amazing Stew tonight.  Yum Yum!!! It was a great night!



Watch out Daniel, if she is this gorgeous now!!!


Our Sweet Tinker Bell


IMG_8827 copy

Peter Pan, not digging this whole picture thing. Sorry bud, but you guys looks so cute!!

IMG_8904 The Dragon…. and I finally got a smile out of him!


IMG_8718 copy

IMG_8714 So last I heard she was going to be an old lady. It turned out that old lady morphed into bag lady…. even better!!!  We died laughing all night!!


I am not ready for her to be a bride yet!!!

IMG_8689 copy

Ninja Micah



Grace slaying the dragon herself.


So I did not mean to leave out Ninja Noah but he had removed most of his costume, so my little Ninja pics will come later!




Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Well it was out to the pumpkin patch for pictures of  a  really special  family!  These kids are the best and I had a lot of fun! I can’t believe how big they are getting.  Happy Fall everybody!!

georgia 1

IMG_7148 copy

sam 1

IMG_7093 copy

   IMG_7159 copy

 bw 1


Apple Unit

This week at Discovery Kids our focus was the letter “A” and the Apple. We talked about what kind of “apple things” we liked best.  Apple juice was a big winner. Later that morning my Micah told teacher Sarah this in so many words, “ My dad would like to make beer out of apples cause he really like beer!!” Ohh I about died!!  Thanks Micah  for making daddy seem like a huge boozer!! Ohh just when you think they can’t embarrass you any more… out it comes!

Sarah did a great job as lead teacher. She made these cute bags for snack time.  Inside the bags was applesauce and of course an apple.  Very Cute!!

IMG_7687 copy

IMG_7691 copy

IMG_7695 copy  We did apple painting for our craft.

IMG_7696 copy IMG_7697 copy

IMG_7698 copy IMG_7700 copy

Very proud of their project!



little_apple_goat 0525467270.01.LZZZZZZZ

1658143 (1)  Disney-All-Johnny-Appleseed-360538

This weeks books, as well as the old Disney Johnny Apple Seed Movie.




Hillcrest Pumpkin Patch

Today we took a tour of the Hilcrest Pumpkin Patch in Reedley.  The highlight was definitely the hay ride. Micah said he wanted to ride all day!!  The kids were so excited to get pumpkins, Micah and Grace spent some time coloring them when they got home.   The weather was a bit to hot, but all and all it was a good time. If you have never been, it is worth the trip out! Hillcrest


IMG_7311 copy  IMG_7324 copy

IMG_7335 copy

IMG_7253 copy 3 





If only I was this committed!

My husband is a heath food junky!! I can’t tell you how many times we have had someone over and he has offered them some sort of supplement, or he has updated them on the latest book he is reading on nutrition.  It is a little ironic, because all growing up and even when we first started to date he did not eat like this!! I was the one that ate salads and fruit and he would have nothing to do with it.  His mom even said as a kid  he just liked  foods that were “white” .  Now that he is older all that “white” food may have caught up with him because he has definite issues with his digestions.  This is of course a huge motivator in eating better.  Honestly though he really likes it.  I like healthy eating but I have to say it is much more of a challenge to stick to it.  Now don’t get me wrong my husband does love his McDonalds and donuts some times, but I swear he get’s just as excited with his sprouted bread and lentils!

All that to say he is so committed to eating healthy like Really Healthy!!!  I wish I were half as committed, and then I would never complain about all this “baby weight”, which I have to stop saying now that Noah is two.  He is my inspiration!!  He told me to take a picture of this meal because this is what he wished I cooked for him all the time.   I am a work in progress.  Ohh Lasagna, how I miss you, but my body thanks me as I step up my game and eat better.


IMG_7058 copy

Grilled Salmon, Sprouted Bread, Hummus, Almonds, and Pomegranate (from our tree) .




The Nest Unit

So this year my mom is helping us out a couple times a month with Discovery Kids (Its official I am calling it that).  She had her first day as lead teacher this week and did such a great job!! Our morning was all about the Letter “N” and “The Nest.” I think the kids had a really fun day! Thanks teaching Nana.



These were the edible nests they got to take home.  Chow Mien and Chocolate, with jelly bean eggs! There were really good!!


Teacher Nana taught the kids how to make birds.  The older boys actually drew the bird by hand, but the girls used shape cut outs to make their bird. This was so great, because it was not only fun to make the bird, but they got to go over their shapes as well.


IMG_7053 copy

All the kids go to make nests out of Playdough. We used a salt based Playdough so it would dry after.  Clay would have been easier to work with, but whole made Playdough is much easier on the budget, so we just went with it.  After the nest was formed, we had lots of various nesting material they used to stick in their nest.  Lastly they rolled eggs out of blue Playdough for the finishing touch.  So Cute!!


51ErOYP8iLL farmershat

Here were some of the books we read that day.



IMG_7037 copy IMG_7036 copy

We all stayed after for special birthday lunch for Micah since it was his big day!



My Big 6 Year Old

I can’t believe I have a six year old in Kindergarten already. Micah said his birthday was awesome as we rode home tonight. I am glad it was a success in his eyes.

Micah we love you so much. You are such a huge helper in this family.  Thanks for being a great big brother to Noah and Grace.  Looking forward to many more awesome birthdays!!!     Here are some of the highlights!


  • He loves school and is starting to read which is exciting!
  • He loves to wear winter clothes, no flip flops or shorts.  He says wearing longs paints makes him feel like a guy:) Thank goodness the fall is here.
  • He loves all things Ninja.  Ninja Turtles being on top of that list.
  • He loves riding his bike, and now new roller blades, and scooter will be added to that mix.
  • He loves to draw and do art, which is about the only thing I can get him to sit still for.

faces 2

This is how a six year old takes pictures.  Actually… this is also how Adam likes taking his pictures too!!



I love you!!


Another Year

I was happy when I found out we would have all the kids back this year for school. We were thinking it would  just be Katie and I, and we would have to do some recruiting this year. I was thrilled when it worked out to have the old gang back again.  I love seeing these kids (and mommies) each week!  They are getting so big so fast, and I know this year is going to fly by once again. 

A couple weeks ago we took pictures for a special card for Miss Leslie. We are so happy she is feeling better. Leslie we are finishing up your card this week and it will be on its way to you soon. 

IMG_6931 copy

IMG_6970 copy IMG_6982 copy

IMG_6983 copy IMG_6975 copy

IMG_6966 copy IMG_6991 copy