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Lord Family

Another great family with twice the fun! These boys did great, and Mom and Dad too. 

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Lord Banner

Merry Christmas

Costco Card Final





Daniel & Julie

I thought these pictures tuned out great considering we shot with the rain beating down behind us, as well as trying to hurry through as quickly as possible as we were freezing cold.  What can  you say when you have a family as photogenic as this it doesn’t take much to get a great pic.  Thanks to Adam who held the umbrella for me so as not to ruin my precious camera!

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story board 3

story board 2


Happy Birthday Lucy

Our little Lucy turns one!  Sheree hosted a lovely winter themed party.  We had yummy  soup with toppings, and warm bread. It was so good!  Frosted Cakery did the cake, and it was divine as usual!



 Dessert 1 IMG_2720


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Lucy banner

Karlson Family

I have been holding back on posting a lot of my pictures lately so not to spoil everyone’s Christmas cards.  Over the next few weeks I will be able to un veil more and more.  Be on the lookout for some more great families and cute babies coming soon!

The Karlsons are such a great family and I was happy to get to do their pictures this year.  It can be a challenge with having more people in your shoot. Getting those smiles and happy face can be tough, however not here, they all did a great job!

Ben Test 2

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Adam’s Holiday Song

Check out my husbands song.  This is what happens when you leave him alone with a Piano and a recording device.  Let us know if you want to book him for any of your Holiday parties,  I am sure he will book up fast!