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Brie’s Graduation Party


My sister-in-law graduated in December so my Brother (with some sister help:) gave her a graduation party.   We all decided on the easy, but yet very yummy baked potato bar, as well as a cookie station for dessert.  Brie we are very proud of you!! Congratulations!!!

IMG_3294 copy

IMG_3291 copy

IMG_3293 copy



signs flowers


Baked Potato Bar with all the fixings.


Got Milk

Cookie’s & Milk Station


Game areas were set up, as well as prizes for the winners.




Happy Birthday Kennedy

Today at Discovery kids we ended our day with a “Tangled” birthday party for Kennedy.  These kids were so excited for cupcakes it was crazy! They could hardly wait to finish class to get to the party.  Happy Birthday Kennedy we love you!!!





I don’t blame you Ben, those girls hair bows are quite shocking and large!




lucy 6

Lucy 12

Lucy 9

lucy 10

lucy banner

March of the Penguins

I really have not blogged on Discovery Kids lately. There are some weeks that I just don’t have the time to snap pictures.  However,  I could not resist this weeks Penguin theme to take pictures.  My mom was our lead teacher this week and did a great job on our topic.  If you can believe it, she had these old penguin costumes from my brothers old days in Discovery Kids.  My mom by the way really missed her calling as a costume designer! She is quite brilliant and resourceful when it comes to costumes.  I guess you would have to be when you have six kids to outfit for Halloween.

That morning we had lots of great books on Penguins, and we watched pieces of the March of the Penguins documentary.  ‘We also played a few games,  one of which was Penguin, Penguin, Petrel, this being our “penguin” version of Duck, Duck, Goose. 

We are missing a couple penguins in this picture. One was out sick, and one was well…being un corporative:) Good job penguins!

IMG_3164 copy

IMG_3165 copy


Celebrating Baby Number 3

My dear friend Sarah is getting ready to have baby number 3.  We all could not help but celebrate this new little girl.  Really any excuse to throw a party and I am on it!!  Christa, Katie, and Sara K. were my partners in crime and helped me so much! I love throwing parties with friends because everyone pitches in on the areas that they love, and it just makes everything fun and easy!!  story board

IMG_3147 The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!  Are you hungry? Christa did all the food which was amazing. On the Menu that night was Broccoli Cheese and Tomato soup, salad, and grilled Panini’s.  Thank you Christa for putting that all together.  Oh FYI Cheesecake Factory Balsamic Vinaigrette “To Go” is so yummy!  

Decor 1

Can you ever go wrong with  good old tissue paper flowers?!!

Decor 3

I have not done a sit down dinner for a shower in a long time,  it was fun to actually use real dishes.  Thanks to Leslie who washed all those dishes after the party!!!  What a blessing!!

Decor 2


The Ladies at Frosted Cakery out did themselves as always with our amazing desserts.   The cake was divine, and the macaroons got rave reviews!  They have a new store front in  Tower District on Wishon, stop by for a cupcake and coffee, you will not be disappointed.

guests 2

Congratulations Sarah and big sis Kennedy, we can’t wait to meet her!!


Marks Family

I really enjoyed meeting this family.  We connected from a mutual friend and I was glad I was able to take their pictures.  We thought we might get rained out that morning but thankfully it cleared in time!  It was my  last shoot for the season, and a great one to end on!!

Family 14

Family 11

Family 2

B & T 5

B & T 7

 Macie 10

Macie 2

Macie 6

marks banner

Wyatt Family Pictures

I had a lot of fun shooting one of my favorite families.  Jacob could not stop making me laugh will all his many faces!   Sarah I know you don’t probably feel like it, but you look awesome!! Super excited for you new little one. It won’t be long!!


IMG_7460 copy

IMG_7528 copy

IMG_7604 copy

IMG_7432 copy

IMG_7436 copy  IMG_7607 copy

IMG_7618 copy


Sadie Lynn

A couple months ago I had the privilege of photographing baby Sadie.  She was absolutely perfect during the shoot.  This was the first time I had seen this sweet girl, and I was glad I got to capture her darling face!  Congratulations Chris and Mandie!  Ohh and thanks to Auntie Brie for being my super assistant that day.

IMG_9055 copy

IMG_9037 copy

pp 1 copy 2




IMG_9249 copy



Sadie Banner

Portale Family

I really enjoyed shooting the Portale Family.  They live on such beautiful property, and it was great to be able to take the pictures at their home.  Luke was not into taking family shots, but preferred to take his pictures by himself (what a crack up).  He had lots of  ideas for setting up each shot!  You guys were lots of fun, thanks  again for letting me capture your family this year.

Option 2

IMG_0655 copy

IMG_0680 copy

IMG_0946 copy

IMG_0921 copy

IMG_1027 copy

portale banner

Sweet Tatum

Last month I was able to meet this sweet little girl.  She was only a few weeks old and already a  perfect model!


basket BV

tummy 1

tummy 5


Tatum Banner