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Happy Birthday Guys

Two of my brothers celebrate there birthdays this week, so I thought I would do a little combo birthday post.    Jeremy the baby in our family turns 17, and Cris will be 26 I think? I have five brothers I can’t keep track of all these things. You guys are awesome and I am very proud of you both.  I love you two. Happy Birthday!!!




Got to capture this sweet angle the other day! Charlotte is 10 months old. Love this family.   Happy Saturday!!








9 Years Ago

I married my high school sweet heart 9 years ago today.  If  we look like babies in this picture it’s because we were! We were 15 when we met!  Adam was 19, and I was 20 when we got married. I find if truly special that I found my “love” so early.  I never question for a minute that Adam was the one for me.  He fits me like a glove! 

I am so glad God has blessed our marriage with 3 kids, and lots of love!!!  Adam you are a wonder father to our kids,  great provider for our family, and the best husband any wife could ever ask for.  You still make me laugh at all you bad jokes! Love you!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!


DK Goes Into The Wild

This is actually an old post I am just now getting around to.  This unit was all on wild animals and as you can see the highlight was this elephant costume my mom had which was huge fun for the kids.  We also made these dioramas of Africa with some real pictures from Africa, courtesy of the Workmans.



IMG_3570 IMG_3567





DK Goes Irish

No only did we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but we learned a lot about Ireland this week.  My mom did a great job making the kids cultured in all things Irish.   We had lots of green fun that day.  Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day everyone.



I would like to point out the Jacob on the left is taking his picture as he quoted

“like a dude”.  Alright then! Max you are going to have to work with him so more I think:)






We love our cousins

I could not resists taking these pictures the other day day.  The sun went behind the clouds, and best of all  the kids were  happily playing which meant it was on… picture time!!  Lucy had been making these faces all day, and I had to get them on camera before she moved on to the next thing as kids do.  She cracks me up!!!


IMG_3758 copy


IMG_3753 copy


IMG_3775 copy 

IMG_3815 copy

IMG_3826 copy

IMG_3827 copy

IMG_3829 copy


Ben’s Super Hero Party

This past weekend Micah celebrated with his buddy Ben.  Ben turned the big 5 and had an awesome Super Hero party.  Micah had been so anxious for this party all week! He and I worked on his costume which was a lot of  fun.  I was sad I could not capture all the cute details of this super party, but I was double booked that day.  Here are a few pics I did get when I went to pick Micah up.  Happy Birthday Ben!!


IMG_4103 copy

IMG_4120 copy IMG_4121 copy

IMG_4134 copy IMG_4125 copy

IMG_3848 copy

A super cake by Frosted Cakery

IMG_4111 copy

IMG_3843 copy


Katie’s Baby Shower

This last weekend I got to throw a baby shower with Robin and Sarah  for my dear friend Katie.  The shower was at Katie’s Grandmas house who’s home is so stunning. It made all my decorations look ten times better.   Since Katie loves the vintage flare, and has a huge love for reading I ran with that theme for her shower. 

Katie I am so excited for you especially since your are having a boy. It is fun to have one of each.   Boys are great and I am looking forward to meeting him very soon!

guests 4 Decor 1

centerpiece 2


Bookmark favors


desserts 4

Divine desserts from Frosted Cakery


food 4

Olivia Table

guest 4