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My sweet niece Ruby turned one this month so it was time to get some pictures.  I almost forgot that I did not post these yet.  Ruby was absolutely perfect on the shoot, and made it easy for me to capture her sweet  face.  If you’re wondering where her cute outfit is from check out her other Auntie at Stinkin Cute Designs  for lots of other adorable things.

Happy Birthday Ruby!!

ruby 1

ruby 26

ruby 16 ruby 14 ruby 19 ruby 11 ruby 29

ruby banner


I got to capture this sweet girl again.  I took her newborn pictures back in the fall and I could not believe how much she has changed since then.  She was so sweet and really wanted her hands in her mouth the whole time!!  Hey that’s what your do when your 4 months old.  Thanks Olson Family.


Tatum 1

Tatum 18 Tatum 15

Tatum 19

Tatum 20

Family 2

tatum banner

Happy Birthday Ruby

Yesterday we celebrated my nieces 1st birthday.  Ruby is such a sweet blessing to our family and we were so happy to be celebrating her birthday with her.  Daniel made some delicious strawberry Nutella  crepes.  Very Yummy!! 


IMG_4707 copy


IMG_4718 copy

Chef Daddy





Cereal Bar Station