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Old McDonald Had A Farm


I had the privilege of  taking some pictures for a Farm Themed birthday party.  Their little boy was having his big 1st birthday.   This event was the real deal, outfitted with real tractors and everything!  There was so much cute detail throughout this party, it was a lot of fun to shoot.  Happy Birthday Mason!





                                                                                    Desserts by


4 5




Noah Turns Three

My sweet boy turns 3 today.  He is talking so much now, and I can really start to see his personality come through. My favorite thing he does now,  is that he is singing.  Micah and Grace are in choir this year, but I find Noah singing the songs more often around the house then they are. He has such a sweet voice and I have been waiting for one of my kids to bust a note!   He and Micah are still glued at the hip and I hope it will always be that way. They have such a sweet bond together, and I love it!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and we can’t wait to see how you change and grow this next year.                                     Happy Birthday Noah!





Iris Turns Two

We were invited to an adorable vintage inspired birthday party this weekend.  Ashley did such a great job, and everything looked so sweet and lovely. Not only can Ashley throw a great party, but she is very crafty as well.  I going to plug Ashley for a minute because she has an Etsy store with awesome stuff for your home, so if you have not checked it out make sure you do at Ash At Home.   Iris you are darling and I hope you had a wonderful day.  Happy Birthday Iris.  



1                                                                 The desserts were done by the very talented Melanie Seielstad.


4                                                                                                The kids loving their cake pops.


5 6

vintage Bridal Shower

My dear friend Katie through a gorgeous bridal shower for her sister Robin this past weekend.  There Grandma has a beautiful home, which always makes the greatest backdrop to any party.  Grace was very excited to be joining me at the shower.  She has been missing her bud Olivia all summer.  The two of them had way to much fun.  Robin I can’t wait for your wedding this fall. Many blessing to you and Mike this year!



Decor 3

Girls 1 

Girls 3


Decor 4


Guests 24


Surf’s Up

I got to take pictures of a very cute surf themed party, for Nina with Sugar Palooza.  She does such great work, and I enjoy getting to see what great party she has created every time I come out.  Aside from the wind which was knocking things over (such a party planners nightmare) it all looked great! These girls were in for a quite a fun afternoon.  Surfs Up Dude!

banner 6

banner 4

                                                                   Little sis and the birthday girl, testing out the photo booth for us.

banner 5 banner 3                                                                                        Cupcakes courtesy of the gals at Frosted.

banner 2

banner 1

surf graphic

Our Newest Mandolin Player

So my husband recently upgraded his mandolin, which means the old one is now available for the kids to practice on. This is big, since touching Dad’s mandolin before without him around was a big No No!!

Noah especially has taken to it. I find him around the house singing and strumming these days. This is so cute  for a little while, and then it turns to pure annoying.  The other night the family band was all playing.  Dad and Noah each with Mandolin, Micah on drums, and Grace on the guitar.  Needless to say I snuck away after the first song (Old Mc Donald Had a Farm) for some peace and quiet in the other room.   Yes he likes playing the mandolin like this ( a bit upside down) .  He tells me, it’s how he likes to play it. Well there you have it, my little Blue Grass Baby!


Noah and the mandolin

Werner Family

I had lots of fun with this family.  They are good friends,  my husband even married them!!  Their daughter Iris is so sweet, and was cracking me up with her dads hat!  Her moms says she won’t wear headbands or clips very much, but loves hats! Fun times!!


Iris 1

Iris 2

Family 2

blog 1  blog 2 

Iris 7

C & A 6

C & A 4

The Blog Is Back!!

As you have all noticed my blog has been down since Easter.  Such a travesty I know! It all started with my lap top getting broken, followed by other website issues and so on. Long story short, my new lap top is fixed and my hubby got my new bog up and going again. Thanks sweetie!!  I am so glad it’s finally working again, I have really missed it.  Believe it or not, I do have friends and family that are not on FB. I know crazy!!  They can now be up to date on all the comings and goings on  Temple Clan again.   So for my FB fans some of these pics will be repeats, but I have some catching up to do for everyone else.  This new blog still is under construction, and I am working on getting my pages set and working again, but for now it will do.

I leave you now with  some random pics of my kids in some old soccer uniforms my dad gave them.  I forgot I had these!!  This is what happens when my blog is down, I miss out on posting more cute pics of my kids!  Happy Wednesday everyone!


soccer 1 soccer 2

soccer 5

grace Is Five


Grace 2

 Grace 3 

Grace 9 

Grace 4