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Happy Birthday Lucy!

My niece Lucy turned 2 this month.  I actually had a little down time today before the rush of the Holidays started, so I wanted to make sure I posted these.   Great food, and fun that night!  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

Banner 1

Food Banner 1

Food Banner 2

Food Banner 3

On the menu that night was soup, grilled cheese, and yummy toppings.  Sorry there is no picture of the soup….probably because I was stuffing my face with this delicious food!

Banner 2

Banner 3

                                                        Note to self.  Two dozen balloons make tons of entertainment for all!!



                                                  What are they discussing? Who knows, but I am sure it is really important!!

Christmas Crafts

I try to keep my crafts to a minimum during the holidays, because I know they will never get done if I don’t.  So by minimal I mean I did one this year.  These pictures were put on small pieces of wood found at the craft store and then good old Mod Podge over the top. I drilled the whole at the top to make them into ornaments.  Fun craft and fairly easy, even for a non crafter! Thanks Naomi for being my partner in crime that day.   Merry Christmas Everyone!


Noah and Grace 1

 Micah Ornament pic

Grace Ornament Pic

Noah Ornament Pic


Grace 3

Grace 2