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Mark’s Family

I have gotten to know the Marks family over the last couple of years and I love that I get to be apart of all their special memories.  Baby number two was on the way so I had the privilege of getting some sweet family shots of everyone as they look forward to baby Boston coming.

Web 2

Web 6




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Karlson Family

After Christmas photos being some what of a challenge Sara was bracing herself  for the worst.  I have to say the kids did so great and we both kind of looked at each other and said, “Wow are we done already!”  Sara you pulled it off girl.  All six of you looking fabulous!!  Take that Spring Pictures!!



6   8  11  20


Olive Marie

I loved that I got to capture my nice this last week.  She was just as sweet as could be.  I have never had a baby pee so much during a shoot before, but she is a baby so I will cut her a break!!  Thanks Sheree for letting me play around with her all day!

Olive Web 2

Olive Web 1


Olive Web 4

Aside from this suit case being adorable, Mimi gives these to all the grandkids which say “Going To Grandmas.” This pic was for you Mimi!! Looks like she is ready to go!

Happy Father’s Day

As I get ready to celebrate another Father’s Day all I can think is how blessed I am to have such a great dad in my life.  I grew up with an amazing dad who always believed in me, provided for me, had fun with me,  protected me… and the list goes on. I pray I never take for granted the presence he has been in our family.  I know not everyone can say that, and I am truly grateful.   I then met the love of my life who is an amazing father to our kids, and I love watching him live out the same legacy that his dad left to him (love ya George).  I love that my kids will have a dad they can be proud of just like I am of my Dad.   Thanks for “Being The Man.”

                                                                                                    Happy Father’s Day Dads!!!


daddy and kids bw