Monthly Archives: April 2013

Color Me Rad

Well I finally caved and ran my first race.  It was only a 5k, but for me that was huge! I hate to run, and can think of a million different ways I would rather exercise.   However, when a group of some of your best gals ask you to, I could not say no. So what is my opinion on running now…?  Well….I still hate it!  It was however a lot of fun, and I am proud to say that I can actually run for more then two min. I am sure I ran the slowest 5K, but I am cool with that. I am certain I will participate in other runs but don’t expect any Marathons from this gal.   These things are so fun for building great memory’s, and I love that!  Girls you rock! My dad and brother want me to bike in the California Classic coming up, so I guess this will be my year that I get my race on. I guess there will be more blog posts from this wana be athlete to come!





I totally underestimated the amount of people that would be out there. Thinking that people would just notice you, is not exactly the best plan. Everyone looks the same! On top of that your start time is delayed by nearly half an hour so most people think you are done before you have even started. My poor hubby who was there with the kids never saw me cross the finish line.  Sorry Babe! I did however see this proud Papa cheering me on at the finish!  That was a great memory!! 

New Floors!

Last year we had a flood from our washer and dryer into our master bedroom.  I was not to heart broken, since I hated the carpet, and had always had plans on replacing it.  However, time and money of course kept us from replacing it right away, so we just lived on the cement floor instead. It did have its perks, like when the kids wanted to snack in my room while watching TV, no worries on messes ever!  

So finally this last month we carved out the time and got our floors put in! We also added in another closet to the room which was another delay in our floor process, but very worth the wait as well.  I am still not use to coming around the corner and seeing a finished room. It is so awesome!  A big thanks to my brothers Jeremy and Jonathan, who helped install the floors and closets. My Dad was the main guy on this project, and he did such a great job! I am super blessed to have a handy dad around who is always willing to help with projects.  Thanks so much Dad!!