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Crafts and Cuteness!

I have not posted on this blog in an age!! To much has been going on around here to have time.  Today however it has been raining all day, and I actually feel like sitting in front of my computer (yes in my robe at almost 5pm) and putting together this post for you.  Don’t worry I have dinner in the crock pot, so my family will eat tonight despite my ramblings on this post.

I have spent this last week prepping Valentines crafts for a few different events coming up.  Today I worked on the kids Valentines with them.  I was feeling very accomplished until I realized I counted Graces valentines on the package wrong and was short like 12. Don’t ask me how this happed it just did, maybe for another post on “mommy brain.” So at that point I did what any crafter would do, and I headed to my stash where I knew if I put my mind to it I could fashion something up.  I found some old white bags that I have used off and on for years. I then stole this cute “Type Writer” idea off none other then Pintrest! It is where all road lead apparently. I had the stamp on hand, and then printed out the text. We stuffed them with fruit snacks and called it a day! They actually turned out cuter then then our original ones!  Most importantly they are done.



Below are the crafts planned for the kids school I am heading up with my good friend Kristen this week.  Looking forward to seeing how they turn out as well.

Craft Storyboard

Last but not least a cute picture of Noah because well……. he is cute!! Happy Friday everybody!