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The Movie I Will Never Forget by Noah Temple

I went to the movies last fall with my dad, brother and Papa. I watched Captain America Civil War. It was so cool. I bought popcorn, and it had so much butter. I also got Sour Patches and they were so sweet and sour.

Captain America is fighting the Winter Soldier who actually is his friend Bucky, Captain America must find a way to break the spell so his friend could be free again. A big war happens to save Bucky.  The spell was broken, but Bucky still feels like the bad man has control over him. He goes into a machine and gets frozen. The movie ends like that. I will have to watch the next one to find out if Bucky stays frozen forever. It is a great movie and I think you should see it sometime.

Winter Soldier

Remember You Friendship by Grace Temple

Remember Your Friendship

Once in a beautiful lovely forest there was a graceful shy deer. It was walking slowly to look for some food. As the deer was quickly searching, she saw a huge ugly bear stuck in a bear trap. She looked down and saw his foot bleeding in pain. The deer was about to run away, but she saw that the bear looked hurt. The deer felt sad to leave it all alone. “You look under the weather” said the deer. “You are right, I am very hurt” moaned the bear. So the deer helped the bear get out by unhooking the trap carefully.  The injured bear limped away and thanked the deer for helping him out of the trap.

Later in the spring, the deer got in trouble with a mean hunter.  The hunter was about to shoot the deer, when all of a sudden the bear came out of nowhere and attacked the hunter and killed him. “Thank you so much!” the dear exclaimed. “You’re welcome” said the bear. “ Why did you help me?” said the confused deer. “Because you helped me out of the trap” said the bear. You should always help somebody and they might sometimes help you.  The deer will always remember the bear’s friendship.


How to Plan a Party by Micah Temple



How To Plan a Party

If you are going to plan a party you should know these things. First, you need a good location. One idea is that it should be where your theme would fit. If you are having a sports party, you should have it in a place where there is a enough room to play. A huge room would be perfect for a dance party. You should have a water party if it’s going to be hot outside.

You should have fun activities, so your guests don’t get bored. Fun games, music, and prizes, would be great. You should have a schedule so know what to do first, second, and last. This is important, so you don’t do the same thing the whole time, and you party does not go on forever.

Snacks are important, so have tasty food and drinks. Soda, sparkling lemonade, and root beer are all yummy drinks.  Some good snacks are chips, crackers, and popcorn.  If you are planning a meal pizza, nachos, or hot dogs are great for parties. These are just some ideas you can use at your next party.