Mama Mia “The Movie”


So my mom and I rang in the New Year by watching a chick flick. We did not have high hopes, and it is a good thing, because it was  worse than either of us could have imagined. I am sorry out there for all of you that loved it. No doubt the music was good, but if most of the singers were terrible it kind of ruins it completely. I felt like it was a menopausal women’s fantasy movie.

Here is a clip from the worst song sung by Pierce Brosnan. You will have to skip up to the singing part. I think this song was not a good career move for him.


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    Renee January 1, 2009

    I agree wholeheartedly! It was terrible. I was disappointed because the stage production is so fun – but it didn’t translate to the screen!
    Happy New Year!

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    Rhonda January 1, 2009

    I didn’t see the movie, even though I am a member of the “menopausal” crowd, but I didn’t care for the production on Broadway, so I skipped the movie. Good move I think!

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    Ann-Marie January 4, 2009

    I enjoyed the movie, but I totally agree with your take on Pierce Brosnan. That was pathetic!

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