Bear Terd Nachos & Pond Water

The other night for dinner we threw together what we had in the fridge.  Let’s see, "taco meat, black beans, cheese, tortilla chips".  That sounds pretty good right?.  As soon as we plated these I could not help but think how grouse they looked!  They really did taste good, but we could not get over how bad it looked.  My husband decided to call them Bear Terd Nachos. He said "bear" because the beans looked like berries (Yuck).  All through dinner we had the giggles about this horrible looking meal. On top of that, I made this tea (which is so good), but the cream I added made it look so murky. I guess it was a fitting drink, to go with our Bear Terd Nachos.


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    Rhonda March 31, 2009

    Maybe “Bear Terd Nachos” should be our main course for “pot” night sometime!

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