Zoo Day

Today our moms group hit the Zoo.  It was a beautiful day, which was funny because by early evening it was raining so hard.  We had not been this year, so I was glad we finally made it out. Micah loved the reptile house, wolfs and sting rays.


 Here was our attempt to get all the children together. Don’t forget little Reagan sitting way in the back.

IMG_7835 IMG_7839


The lovely snow cone faces!


Here is Micah leading the group on our next route.  This map was the subject of fighting the whole day, until we got more then one, then nobody cared anymore. Isn’t that how it always is.

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    mimi April 9, 2009

    Candid shots of kids are the best. I think the personalities really show through. And poor Reagan really just wanted to go to the reptile house!

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