Wesley & CJ’s Wedding

Today was Wesley & CJ’s wedding.  They are die hard Dodger Fan’s ( of course I totally approve), so their wedding reflected a lot of that, along with their love of Disney Land.  It was amazing weather, I actually was getting a little hot.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of them from the wedding.  I just snapped this one from their invitations.



IMG_8006 IMG_8000

IMG_8005 IMG_8004


IMG_8028 IMG_8058

IMG_8020 IMG_8034

IMG_8033 IMG_8035




This is a picture of the very fancy porta potties they had! They were nicer then my bathroom.

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    Shea April 19, 2009


    Thanks for all the fantastic pictures, it’s like I was there…not really. BTW thanks for the love, with the links. I was so excited. See you soon I am sure. 🙂

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