Adam’s New Toy

My husband over the weekend  bought this electric dirt bike.  It was an early birthday gift for him.  Micah and him were basically in heaven all weekend, to say the least! Grace actually likes riding it too.  Adam makes fun of how slow Grace and I ride on it.  We like to take it at a nice cruising speed! 

Last night we wanted to walk to Starbucks. Adam of course suggested we take the bike. I of course responded by saying “ no way”. I can only be embarrassed so much you know!  It really has been a lot  of fun.  So if you see a man zooming along the side walk in on mini  bike it just might be my husband!


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    Andrea Shabaglian May 25, 2009

    Where’s Adam’s helemet??? And Adam you have got to stop embarassing your wife!!! lol – you guys are awesome, miss you.

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