Oh the Face, Oh the drama…..

My Grace was not happy with me the night of my Moms party, when I told her she had to finish her dinner before treats! I had never really seen this whole look before.  She held this face for a good 10min straight. Of course ,we all got our cameras out to capture the moment.  It took her about an hour before she finally took that bite. When I told her she could have  her treat,  she ended up not even wanting it anymore,  and just wanted to ride her bike.  Cute now, but not so cute when she is 16. I better watch out for this drama queen!


IMG_8448 IMG_8445


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    Rebekah June 16, 2009

    Oh, she is too cute! Your children are adorable!!

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    mimi June 16, 2009

    Oh this brings back such memories!

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