Renee’s Baby Shower

I was honored to host a baby shower, along with my Mom, and sister-in-law Brie.   I have been looking forward to doing this for her, ever since I found out she was expecting! Congratulations Renee!



Brie, and a friend did a wonderful job on the invitations.


IMG_8640 IMG_8639


IMG_8707   IMG_8713

Favors & Menus (my moms handy work)



The shower was at Marie Calender’s which has a really nice banquet room. 



IMG_8662 IMG_8663

IMG_8654 IMG_8644

Julie and Sheree made these adorable cookies for me, to put in my centerpieces.  Thanks girls, they look awesome!


IMG_8694 IMG_8691 IMG_8689 IMG_8690 IMG_8692 IMG_8695 IMG_8688 IMG_8687


  1. Reply
    Sara July 19, 2009

    Everything turned out soooo cute! I love the honey- and the darling little dress- all so perfect! Good job!

  2. Reply
    Ann-Marie July 19, 2009

    Wow! That looks like it was done by a professional. You have baby showers down! I think we’ll need to do a black/yellow theme for MOMS sometime – I love it!

  3. Reply
    Renee July 19, 2009

    Thanks just doesn’t cover it! Loved it!

  4. Reply
    mimi July 20, 2009

    Lovely in pictures and it was lovely in person!

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