Georgia Peach

Last night we got to celebrate Georgia’s 1st birthday.  Sara did an amazing job, her party was absolutely adorable. It was peachy, girly, fabulous!! I can’t forget we also had the best whole made peach ice cream.  Happy Birthday GG!!

Peach Pic v4-2Photo by Sara K.



 IMG_8934 IMG_8926 IMG_8923

IMG_8918IMG_8915IMG_8939 IMG_8922


 IMG_8952 IMG_8955




  1. Reply
    Sara Karlson August 28, 2009

    Thanks for all your help! You are on the ball (once again) with these pics! Can’t wait for Noah’s big day too!

  2. Reply
    Kelly August 28, 2009

    So super cute!! I love it!!

  3. Reply
    mimi August 28, 2009

    What an amazing party!

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