Happy 5th Birthday Micah

Today was Micah’s big day.  He got a new bike. He has been waiting patiently, the last couple months since his last bike broke.  He is in love!





The day Micah was born I was changed forever. You can never quite explain what it feels like to hold you child in your arms for the first time. It is truly amazing!  I will never forget looking up at my husband with tears in his eyes, as we just starred at him, with overwhelming joy.  My tears actually came later when we were home for the first night.  It was late (of course), and I just starred at him, thinking how blessed I was, and grateful to have such a perfect little boy.

It is exciting to see his personality blossom.  Daddy told him he could stay up  late since it was his birthday.  At 10:15pm, I asked him if he was getting tired yet. He said” If I get tired I will just hold my eyes open so I won’t fall asleep”.  I cracked up, as he spread his eyes lids open with his fingers as far as they could go.  I guess I should not worry, he has it under control!



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To Micah:

Thank you for being such a sweet boy!  Thanks for being  such a big help to Mom and Dad.  Gracie and Noah, are so grateful to have you as their big brother.  I love that you like to make plans, and be on the go like your Momma.  I love that you try your best, and then try even harder after that.  You have lots of discipline, and it will serve you well in the future!  I hope you have a great birthday! Have lots of fun this year being 5!!



Mom and Dad

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    mimi October 8, 2009

    Lovely tribute to such a lovely, sweet little boy!

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