Preschool Gives Thanks

Today the kids preschool had a Thanksgiving Party. The girls were pilgrims, and the boys Indians.  The kids worked together to make friendship fruit salad, and make turkey crafts.



The kids gave thanks for the following….

Micah- I am thankful for riding bikes with daddy.

Grace- I am thankful for Micah.

Olivia– I am thankful for Daddy, and cookies.

Jacob- I am thankful for cookies, and Christmas.

Kennedy– I am thankful for Nana, and Granddaddy.

Ben- I am thankful for Chick-fil-A, and my new baby sister.





IMG_0056 IMG_0055 IMG_0047



IMG_0035 IMG_0031

IMG_0037 IMG_0068


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    katie November 18, 2009

    It’s all about the good eats with this group 🙂 Love these kids.

  2. Reply
    Jen November 18, 2009

    So cute!!!! I love what the kids are Thankful for!!!!
    Nice job Ladies!!!!

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