“After The Lights” Christmas Party

Last night I hosted an open house at Rhonda and George’s place.  It was the night of the annual walk down Christmas Tree Lane.  It was so fun to be able to see everyone before the holidays. Thanks again George and Rhonda for opening up your home! Merry Christmas Everyone!!


IMG_0347 IMG_0355 

Rhonda’s house looked so lovely that night!

IMG_0343    IMG_0350

Our drink & Egg Nog station!

IMG_0360   IMG_0370   IMG_0376


IMG_0375 IMG_0398 IMG_0378




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    Rhonda December 17, 2009

    What a fun night it was! I love how in the picture with the kids on the couch, well, sort of on the couch, only one is sitting where normally you would sit on a couch.

  2. Reply
    Sara Karlson December 17, 2009

    We had the best time! George and Rhonda’s home is always such a warm, comfortable place to hang out! Did you notice all of the couples in front of the fire place are coordinating? So cute! 🙂 Don’t we dress our hubbys in colors/styles we like?

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