Letter Banners

I found these super cute banners on Etsy.  I think they are such a great, and inexpensive way to add something special to your party.  Scrapbook paper is relatively cheap, and comes in so many varieties.    You can use any kind of clips, or just thread the string right through.  Try these at your next event, they will be a big hit!








Here is the one I did for Noah’s “Mr. Man” Party.



How to make a letter banner:

  • Choose the outline setting in you word document, and then enlarge the font to the size you want.
  • Print and cut out each letter.
  • Trace onto your scrapbook  paper and then cut out. (Card stock is best to add firmness, but you can always just clue on card stock separately). I do recommend using firm paper, it is much more stable that way.
  • String through or clip the letters to the rope.


  1. Reply
    Megan Mills January 18, 2010

    I am finally delurking, it’s about time! This is a DARLING idea- might just make them for my kids’ rooms!

  2. Reply
    Ann-Marie January 18, 2010

    I love that idea! And thanks for posting something. 🙂

  3. Reply
    Sara Karlson January 22, 2010

    Love this! To cut out a step- I started printing right on the scrap-booking paper using a light gray ink so it won’t show if I don’t cut perfectly. I LOVE banners- when I was a kid my dad would make one for our birthday parties- I feel like a party isn’t complete without one. 🙂

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