Misha Event

  Here are some pictures from my Misha Event at the Tasting Room.  Thanks Brie for your help that night.  Also Ashley thanks for hanging out with us and for all the great laughs! My favorite part was when someone asked if they were garders (looking at my smaller headbands), that was a first for me.   She did feel pretty dumb when I told here they were baby headbands. 

Check out the Tasting Room www.tastingroomfresno.com sometime on Palm and Nees.  The cool part is you can have food delivered from the surrounding restaurants in the complex while you have your wine.  We had Thai Palms while we were there, and it was awesome!



     IMG_0515   IMG_0516



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    rachel ruelas April 29, 2010

    YAY! Looks like it was a GREAT night!!!! That’s such a sweet set up you have! Looks precious! Hope you had a TON of sales!

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