Here we all are!

I am very proud we actually managed to snag an entire family picture.  With all 15 schedules to come into account we finally were able to get together at 8am Monday morning.  Also this family pic was done on a timer and tripod.  You are impressed aren’t you!


family 1

boys and michelle

From left to right.   Jonathan (#5) Jeremy (youngest # 6) Ben (middle child # 4) Me (only girl and proud of it #2) Nick (oldest #1) Cris (middle child # 3).



Me and my awesome sister-in-laws! I can’t wait till we out number the boys finally!

mom and kairs 1

Nana and Karis, which very much look like my mom and me. Creepy!

boys and dad

The Godfather!!

grandkid pic fail!!

Grandkid Picture Fail!


girls and mom and karis 2

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